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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    I had this postcard, it's workers leaving the Saltley Carriage works. I think it might have been taken from the upstairs of Swinglers newsagents
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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    Hello all, I'm looking for a photo of the junction of Washwood Heath Road & Leigh Road before the petrol station was there, so before 1970 ish? Thanks in anticipation!! Macca
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    Ward End Park

    That's good news MWS, my heart sank when I thought they were filling it in. Macca
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    Ward End Park

    I drove down Washwood Heath Road past Ward End Park recently & it looks like they're filling the boating lake in! Anybody know whats happening? Macca
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    1939 Register

    Hi Michael, The people I was searching for were born in the 1880's, even so if you do an address search the street should come up. Hopefully these glitches will be ironed out as time goes on. Macca
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    1939 Register

    hi There are entire streets missing off the register, they may have been mis-transcribed. Hazelbeach Rd, Clipston Rd, Farndon Rd and Foxton Rd in Alum Rock were all built around 1909 and are still standing today. I emailed FMP and received an automated reply stating that the addresses may not...
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    Alum Rock Road Shops

    Hi Castalla, The website is www.midlandshistoricaldata.org Macca
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    Alum Rock Road Shops

    Hi Castalla, I had a look at the online electoral roll (Midlands Historical Data), from 1947-1965 Timothy P Flynn and Florence B Flynn were living at 509 Alum Rock Road. The online electoral roll is currently only available up until 1965. There is a marriage record for Timothy P Flynn to...
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    Alum Rock Road Shops

    Hi Castalla, Your uncles house is still standing, there are three terraced houses and a small row of shops on A/Rock Rd just before you reach Rockville Road, I believe his was the first house. It was just up from the Brookhill on he opposite side of the road. Macca
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    The brookhill , alum rock

    Hi Castalla, Tim was a friend of my friends dad, they drank together in the Brookhill, I can't remember much about him but I think he was widowed. He was a quiet but very pleasant man.
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    The brookhill , alum rock

    Hi Castalla, I'm sure I remember your uncle Tim, did he live on Alum Rock Rd opposite the Brookhill, first housenext to the shops? He was a lovely gentleman. Did he pass away in the early 90's?
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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    what year did Leigh Road Secondary School close? I know St Joseph RC Primary took over the building in 1963, then The Rosary Scondary in 1970/71. Thanks in advance :) Macca Edit. Link to Leigh Road School thread is here...
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    Leigh Road School Washwood Heath

    Hi Can anyone tell me what year Leigh Road Secondary School closed? I know St Joseph RC Primary took over the building in 1963, then The Rosary Scondary in 1970/71. Thanks in advance :) Macca
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    Trove Historical Archive

    I have used Trove a number of times, it's a brilliant site, free and reliable. Macca
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    Church Lane, Aston

    Hi Mike, Would you be so kind as to point out on the second map no. 10 Church road please? Macca
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    Maybe of intrest to someone

    Really interesting Rowan, I'll keep checking for updates. Macca
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    Census for Washington Street St Thomas Birmingham 1881

    Hi Patti, Find my past offer a free look up of the 1881 census transcription. Macca
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    Foster Ada

    How sad, I hope they find a relative. Macca
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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    Hi Norton Hall, From what era are the photo's in Toni Butlers book, I'm guessing they are fairly recent? Macca
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    Gt hampton street

    I recall reading somewhere that according to local folklore Moses Barber haunts the locality around St Pauls? Hopefully someone will be able to tell us the story. Macca