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    Saltley Reformatory Schools Records

    The records from Saltley Reformatory School are up for auction. I hope they stay local: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/lifestyle/nostalgia/saltley-reformatory-school-records-go-3314574
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    Old flats on Washwood Heath Rd 1980's

    A friend of mine says she remembers visiting an old aunt of hers who lived in a flat on Washwood Heath road (Alum Rock Rd end). The Aunt and her husband had lived there for many years and the flats looked really old and quite run down. She wants me to look for them on the electoral roll but...
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    'Exclusive' Aston

    Hi all, While searching the 1881 census I came across an address listed as 160 Exclusive, Aston. Can anybody tell me where this would have been? Thanks Macca
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    Aston Childhood

    I've just watched this short video from the Mace Archive, it's an interview with children in Aston during Christmas 1967 talking about what they got for christmas. I found it quite moving, they got relatively little but were on the whole very happy...
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    Mabel Knowles b.1899

    Hi, Hoping somebody can help me out with this one, on the 1901 census Mabel Knowles aged 2 yrs is living in Aston with her grandfather William Knowles, grandmother Annie, mother Lucy and brother William (all Knowles). She doesn't appear on the 1911 census, I have been told that Lucy had a...
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    South African BMD Records

    Hi Can anyone tell me is it is possible to view marriage/death records for immigrants to south africa? Thank you in advance Macca
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    Shaw Hill House Alum Rock

    Hi, I have tried in vain to locate Shaw Hill House on the 1891 census, I have found it on previous censuses and it appears on the 1901 & 1911 censuses. I'm beginning to think that part of the schedule must be missing which would be a real shame. Up until 1901 it was a private dwelling and at...
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    Rosary School

    Hi, The Rosary School in Saltley was run by the Marist Brothers (an order of Catholic Priests) but that didn't open until the 1930's. The records of all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Birmingham are kept at St Chads Cathedral. Hope this helps. Macca:)
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    Decipher this please!

    Hi all, Can anyone decipher the address on this 1901 census return. It looks to me like 'Launiston Place' Witton Road but I cannot find it listed anywhere so I must be wrong. Thanks Macca
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    Etherington Daisy

    Hi, I've been looking for a a death registered in the 1970's that I can't seem to find, hope someone can help me. It's Miss Daisy Irene Etherington B. 1st Qtr 1890 in Aston, I know she died in the 1970's. Thank you in anticipation. Macca:)
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    Birth indexes

    Hi all, If an entry in the birth indexes only states the sex of the child and a surname, for example: Smith Female 6d 123, should we presume that the child was stillborn or died shortly after birth? Macca
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    Midlands Historical Data

    Hi, Is anyone else having trouble getting on to midlands historical data today? I've been trying all day with no luck. Macca
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    Miss Doris Finney, Teacher of Music

    Hi everyone, Its a long shot but does anybody remember Miss Doris Lilian Finney who taught music at her home 90 Heathway Bucklands End? She taught up until the late 70's and died in 1994 aged 87. A very happy new year to all. Macca.
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    Saltley & Alum Rock

    Thought I'd share these with you, forgive me if they are already on here.
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    Church Road Aston

    Hi, Hoping someone may be able to help. Are Church Road Aston & Aston Church Road one and the same? I have recently obtained at marriage cert giving the address for the bride and groom as Church Road Aston but I can only find Aston Church Road. Thanks in anticipation! Macca