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  1. J

    The Four Provinces

    hi there the 4ps or four provinces was opened in circa 1964-5 the manager was billy lavin rip,,it was owned by jerry cohen,,who sold it to john courtney it closed in the mid 90s my late father in law tom fitzgerald did the tarmacing front and rear carparks,
  2. J

    Simpsons Fishmongers.

    hello,,,,,i worked partime as a delivery lad in the very early 60s for simpsons , in moseley,,it was manged by jack,???,,and barry,,audrey the cashier,,i delivered all over as far as the maypole, it was a very busy shop,,,orders constantly being phoned in,,,i got 5 shillings for a saturday...
  3. J

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    yes tommy hames i well remember you ,,one of the best ,,i hope you are well, hello john james ,,,tommy griffin built the house on lovelace avenue you refer to for seamus dunleavy ,tommy was an outstanding bricklayer ,very well known and sort after,,by the biggest ... builders in the uk, it is...
  4. J

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    tommy i remember you as captain of st anns football team, playing at highbury playing fields against english martyrs,before st micks, john mullen rip was our captain,,,,he was a brilliant player,,,way past the rest of our team, ,in fact you could of called us a one man team, i will never know...
  5. J

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    bobby mccrackens 3 sons all boxed professional...bobby himself worked for me as a doorman,,,he was a very hard man, in fact in his prime he was the best in bham. i handled lots of doormen in my career in bhams night life, so i know a bit,
  6. J

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    yes tommy i well remember you from st micks and st patricks house you were captain of most things, ...its incredible how long ago it all was,58yrs,,,my son used to live in no 1 bordesley st, so i often passed the old school.it brought back the memories, great memories, best wishes,,,john...
  7. J

    Fred Dawkins Cafe Highgate Road Balsall Heath

    i used to use freds cafe for many years,,,he was a lovely man,,,after he retired he did gardening and did my nieghbours for a few years,,,in kings heath,,he once told me no one was interested in his old tea machine,,which he said was a great buy,,.saving lots of labour,,in his 80s he still did a...
  8. J

    Does Any Remember Steve Ford - Local Comedian In Late 60s

    many thanks to SOSPIRI,,,,what a find you are,,,i was at the fore- mentioned midland club acts of the year,,,may 1982,,it was a great line up...nick barry and oliver spencer were both superb acts,,,,you had to be good to win this award,,,the competion was fierce,,,,,,,,bernie burgess was the...
  9. J

    Does Any Remember Steve Ford - Local Comedian In Late 60s

    thank you ,bob johnson,,,what a find,,,i am truly amazed,,,steve ford was a superb comedian,,,he was a big talent,,,and should of been a star,,,,i tried to book him once for a christmas party but he was to busy,,,,,you needed to book him months in advance,,warm regards john griffin,,
  10. J

    Does Any Remember Steve Ford - Local Comedian In Late 60s

    is steve still alive,,,i have never forgotten how good he was,,i saw him at least 5 times,,,over the years,,you got tired laughing,,,thanks for replying,,warm regards john griffin,
  11. J

    Wimbush Factory Little Green Lane.

    the family were french... named vimbush.. but changed to wimbush,,,,reference one of their oldest employees,,,1964,,,,jg
  12. J

    Wimbush Factory Little Green Lane.

    re wimbushs bakery,,,,i worked as an apprentice bricklayer for r m douglas ltd on the new bakery in green lane circa 1964/5 it was very well built ,,,douglas were a top class building firm ,,,the training i got from them stood me in good stead for working anywhere,,they were the very...
  13. J

    Embassy Roller Rink Walford Road

    hi carrie,,,is your name styler,,,,,i knew your father and bought my first car from him,,,,a wolseley,, 680, [wished i still had it],he was a true character,,,very funny man,,,,i used to see him on monday nights at the wrestling,,,,where did the years go?
  14. J

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    dear sally,,,could you re-post the photo i cant see it,,,my late brother is on it ,,,tommy griffin,,,best wishes john griffin,
  15. J

    Alfred Street, Sparkbrook

    hi sue,,,i knew bill jones for many yrs,,,he was a real character ,i often bumped into him at sainsburys maypole,,but for many yrs we were members of the kingsfield club kings heath, sadly now closed,,,i went to english martyrs school with a girl called kennedy from your rd,,,, this was in the...
  16. J

    Ice cream shop in Ladypool Road?

    burdens ice cream was the best i ever tasted,,,they should of carried on,,it was better than henley in ardens ice cream,,,in the winter they closed down,,,,,ladypool rd was a great shopping area,,,i knew every inch of it,,,,,i did a paper rd for halls newsagents for 3 yrs, in the late fifties...