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    Bennetts Paper Shop & Gt Lister st

    Frances did you know Ada and Jack ?? ( Long since gone ) Yes that was the chemist.By the name of Bannister and Thatcher.
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    Birmingham streets named after people

    Kellet road was Coleman Street back in the 1950,s ?
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    Buildings at risk

    Is bloomsbury library still in need of repair ? Have not been to Birmingham for several years now.
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    Primrose Hill - Aston

    Phil You have explained it perfectly.
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    Coleman Street

    I knew a man named Castelow who's daughter Nellie married into a Matthews family.
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    Primrose Hill, Birmingham 1850's

    I think Primrose Hill was at the top of Avenue Road, on very early maps.
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    Coleman Street

    So very pleased that you have received information as I could not give any help.
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    Coleman Street

    I lived in Coleman Street from late 1938 to about early 1950,s but sorry to say I cannot remember those names.
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    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Phil I feel just the same as you, I just hope I can contribute more to it.
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    1901 Census

    I thank everyone for information in the past, Merry Christmas Everyone. Still not found him on the 1901 Census Star in 1915 roll F/2B2 p155.( have not got this info )
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    Things We Sent Off For

    I think if Pete to see his thread today he would be very pleased with it.
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    Old nelson gt lister st/rupert st

    Phil Tried to send you a PM but I did something wrong I shall try again tomorrow. Take Care Phil.
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    Old nelson gt lister st/rupert st

    Astoness, I have fond memories of my childhood in this area. Thank you for helping me to remember.
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    Old nelson gt lister st/rupert st

    Thank You for posting it, I remember it from the 1940's to 1950's. I used the Outdoor ( Off Sales ) to buy my crisps Walkers I Think and round the back in Rupert Street for a drink with Mum.
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    Products That Have Faded Away

    The Incredible Hulk.
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    Re: the peaky blinders Guess it wants throwing in the miskin these days.
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    Is it our Vernon Scripps care of Heartbeat ?