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    Computer Help Please.

    Unable to send Emails. Can you help please ?
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    Map Or other information required.

    9 Aston Road about 1873. Many Thanks for any help.
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    Email Stuck

    I have finally managed to get something near normal with my computer after a lot of trouble. My problem now is that I tried to send an email in Outlook Express and it refuses to go. Please Please to someone help me to solve this problem. Thank you for any help that is is posted.
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    Saint Martin's Parish Records on CD.

    I have been in touch with BMSGH about CD's but cannot seem to find the price for them. There are 10 CD's for Saint Martin's. Would anyone know the price of these CD's so I can decide whether to send for them ? Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.
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    Free view + Freesat

    I have a setup of Satellite Receiver - VCR - TV Can someone tell me HOW to connect Free view Box to Satellite Receiver ? Free view comes through the roof aerial Freesat comes from a Satellite Dish.
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    Help Please

    Can anyone help Please ? I keep getting a window popping up. Security Alert You are about to view pages over a secure network. Ect Ect Please How Can I Stopped It ?
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    Bloomsbury ( Lingard) Library Nechells

    Can Bloomsbury Library be saved? At the moment the doorway is held up by what I would describe as two pole jacks.. I might add that plants in the brickwork do not help in the preservation of this fine Victorian building.
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    Backing Up Data Files.

    I think I need to reload my Windows software. Before I do this I need to backup all my data files. Is this easy to do for someone who has no knowledge about about it ? I have my Dell software disc. I forgot to mention Windows X P .
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    Blue screen.

    Can anyone help please? I have had the computer CRASH ??? a number of times with what they refer to as " The screen of death " I send in error reports, it tells me that the problem seems to be with WIN 32 K SYS . I am not too clever with computers .
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    Life In 1914 - 1915.

    Hope its OK to post these. Argonne - Guerre This seems to be across the bay opposite St Tropez.
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    Life for people around 1911.

    CAN ANYONE ADD TO THESE COMMENTS ? In 1912, there was quite a lot of industrial unrest in England. To halt a national pit strike, Asquith introduced a miners minimum wage bill in March. In May there was a London dock strike which lasted until August, there were frequent violent clashes with...
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    1901 Census

    I am still searching for Joseph Leonard Goldsbury on the 1901 Census and I seem to have tried every variation of spelling that I can think of. He would have been about 5 to 6 years old. I am so frustrated at not being able to find him. Can someone help me Please.
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    Gordon Hall Working Boy's Home.

    Could anyone post a photograph of Gordon Hall working boy's home please ? or any other information about it please. High Street, Deritend.
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    Posting Attachments.

    I used to be able to do this quite well but now I seem to be struggling. Where do I have to store my photographs on my computer to upload ? Hope this do's not seem daft. I have tried several times but am now beaten.
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    How Do I Find Downloads On My Computer ?

    Could anyone tell me how I find my downloads to my computer ?
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    Pull out all the stops

    I was watching " Songs Of Praise " yesterday from Birmingham Town Hall and realised where the saying " Pull out all the stops " came from.
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    LOADS of trouble with My Computer

    I am getting loads of trouble with my computer. I cannot seem to restore my computer to a previous point in time. I cannot seem to access DELL as I may have forgotten my password and it did not recognise my email address anyway. Would be great to have some help sorting this out.
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    Ration book britain

    12.00 to 13.00 on the yesterday channel. TOMORROW
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    WW1 Death Certificate

    Can someone help me please. I should like to obtain a death certificate for my Uncle 11071 Pte Joseph Goldsbury of the 1st South Staffordshire Regiment KIA 26th October 1917. I am under the impression that Birmingham Registry Office do not supply for deaths outside Birmingham. Any help...
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    Gordon Hall Boys Home.

    Can anyone tell me anything about the above Boys Home at 20 High Street, Deritend ? I do believe there are some records held in Birmingham Central Library if I can manage to get there sometime in the future.