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  1. evergreen

    Buccaneer Chester Road

    Hi there, After driving down the Chester Road, I was surprised to see that there are houses built on the site of the Buccaneer Pub. It's been quite a few years since I was last there. Does anyone know when the pub was demolished? Many thanks Heather
  2. evergreen

    Jess, 1 year old tomorrow 1/8/10

    How she has grown
  3. evergreen

    How much would it cost now ?

    Can anyone help with a query ? I have found a receipt for a headstone in 1903 for £2. 2s plus a flat slab for 5s making a total of £2 7s If I had to buy this now how much would it cost me at todays prices. This has got me stumped. Thanks Heather
  4. evergreen

    Pub on Broad Street

    Can anyone help with the name of a pub on Broad Street. I used to go with my Grandad when I was little, to his R.A.M.C first world war reunions. The pub was on the corner of a road, on the left hand side, coming from Bearwood, just before the Hall of Memory. Opposite was N.C.R cash...
  5. evergreen

    Oldbury 1950 Map. Help Please

    Could any of you kind people help. I am trying to find a map of Oldbury in 1950. Also trying to find out the names and addresses of any working mens hostels in the area. I think there may be one run by Accles & Pollock's but this may be a long shot. If not. do you have any idea where I...
  6. evergreen

    53 Perrott St. Birmingham

    I have found my Great Great grandfather living at 53 Perrott in Birmingham. As there were 8 people all of the same family living at this address, could anyone tell me if this was a back to back house and where the heck was it. Many thanks. Evergreen