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  1. J

    Spring Hill Passage

    could some one help please im looking for 35 spring hill passage all i know is it was some where near spring hill library would be greatful for any help thank you joise
  2. J

    scots gaurds

    help needed if possible would anybody know what regiment please was told he was in the scots gaurds militrey band but his name his arthur evans and served in WW2 thank you for any help josie
  3. J

    tidy up please

    could someone be able to tidy this photo for a gentlemans father please with thanks josie
  4. J

    tidy up please

    can i ask for your help again please to tidy up this photo with thank josie
  5. J

    pen marks on photo

    dennis finely managed to post it thank you josie
  6. J

    pen on photo

    need help to remove pen marks from photo if possible sorry if posted twice having trouble posting meny thanks josie
  7. J

    pen on photo

    need help to remove pen marks from photo if possible meny thanks josie
  8. J

    help needed to take crease out of photo

    would someone be able to take the crease out of this photo grateful for any help thank you josie
  9. J

    wellesley street

    looking for a map of no29 wellesley street hockley where my husband lived with thanks josie
  10. J

    looking for a map

    On the electoral roll for 1939 no 105 high street is in the lozells ward would be grateful if someone can help with a map with thanks josie
  11. J

    Tippy the border collie

    Happy christmas to all you doggie lovers and forum members from tippy and from my best friend josie
  12. J

    winson green asylum

    doing my family tree i have found that one of my relative died in winson green asylum 1891 would anybody know if i could find any records of his time there and where from with thank josie
  13. J

    map for aberdeen stree

    im looking for a map for 6/125 aberdeen street winson green we lived there in the fifties thank you josie
  14. J

    devey buildings straford street

    trying to find devey buildings no 7 sparkbrook /sparkhill from memory as a child i remember going under the bridge in straford street and devey building was on the left josie
  15. J

    3rd bat worcestershire reg

    i have just obtained one of my relatives WW1 WILL and it says he died at LINDENHOEK 12th of march 1915 would anyone be able to tell me where about LINDENHOEK WAS IN FRANCE a map would be great if you can help thank you josie
  16. J

    tippy all ready for his step out for stroke

    thought you would like to see my dog tippy in his outfit all ready for tomorrow when we do the step out for stroke walk stroke
  17. J

    Ww1 hospital

    help needed if possible i have been able to obtain my gggreat uncles death cert and (will) he did in ww1 on his death cert it says that he died of wounds place of death states france or belguim and on his( will )it say he died at the 20th hospital .is there anyway i...
  18. J

    map for broom street

    i am looking for a map for 26 broom street 1898 and where about broom street was in birmingham if anyone can help with thanks josie
  19. J

    my pet

    my dog tip cant wait to open his christmas present WISHING A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL JOSIE
  20. J

    a couple of peaky blinders

    thought you might like to see tip the border collie and yogi the westie as peaky blinders josie