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    Did you have Anyone who Served in Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 2nd Battalion..WW2

    Hi mws. Nellie (Ellen) Baxter was born in Wolverhampton in about 1867 her father was George Platt 1821 and was a coal dealer living at 57 Salop Street her mother was Emma and can be found on the 1851,61,71 and 81 census. Regards Acklam19
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    Mansel Road, St Benedicts Road & Whitmore Road 1960-1969

    Hi Michael. I lived in St Benidicts Rd from 1963 to 1976 but the Cov end No 3. I was a member of the Bordesley Labour club for about 15 years, the steward in those days was Alan Green and his wife, the chairman was Jack Danter the father of my best friend Alan I have many happy memories of the...
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    Boatmen in Birmingham.

    Hi Boatwoman. My family tree includes many Brummie boatmen from 1850 to 1930 they seemed to live mainly in the Bordesley area near to the Wharf. Most of their B M D were at St Gabriels Barn St or at St James the Less in Ashted which were almost Boatman churchs so you may find some of your people...
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    Queens Hart Greenfield Rd

    Hi Lady wood1. Just to say how interesting your post was after all this time. My interest was in James Mole who became a publican after returning from Queensland Australia with his wife and children in about 1900, can you imagine the culture shock after those sunny days in Oz to be in his first...
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    Bordesley green

    Hi Jim & Annie. Thank you both for the photo and info it makes my memories a little more clear. The family name of the caretakers was Baldwin but I think they may have left by the middle fifties. Many thanks Acklam19.
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    Bordesley green

    Hi All. my grandparents lived in Victoria Street in the late 40s early 50s, it was a large Victorian looking building with a very big garden looking at the map it looks as though it is to the left of the Baptist church but I can not remember the number.When I visited them I would rush up to the...
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    Bedsteads in Deritend?

    Hi all great picture of Bordesley Palace , my mom met my dad there in the 1930s she said she hated him at first sight because he had bright Ginger hair and of course the rest is history. When we were kids in the 1950s we always called ln there with our gang on our walk to the city centre as it...
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    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    Hi all I as a lifetime non smoker I can still recall when l was working that the carpenters on site favoured the Woodbine packet as they reckoned if they put it behind a door hinge it would just do enough to make a door hang correctly on the event of snags Acklam19
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    Jenkins Street School Small Heath

    Hi all. I remember Jenkins St school as an adventure playground after the war ,we would get in through one of the smashed windows and climb over all the rubble and broken desks, on reflection we were lucky to get away with it as some of lnterior walls were very dodgy. My younger sisters went...
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    George Baxter D.C.L.I

    Hi mws I have followed up on the info you gave me and it is spot on. I have managed to find the sons birth in 1947 and his marriage in 1967. George may have been baptised at St Clements Dudderston like the rest of the children and where I went wrong was assuming he was younger than Samuel...
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    George Baxter D.C.L.I

    Hi mws many thanks for super information as it confirms all that l have with the documents in my possession of Nellie and William Baxters life. William was in the workhouse with three of the children in 1911, two more were living outside as servants I think and so was Nellie with the two year...
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    George Baxter D.C.L.I

    Hi all I hope you can help tie down some facts on George Baxter , he would have been born around 1904 and his parents would have been Nellie and William Baxter. I have not got a birth record for him so that's one problem, I know for a fact that he was living at 351Witton Road Aston in the years...
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    Mucklows at arthur street small heath

    Hi missy74. I lived at 8 back of 94 Arthur street from 1939 to 1956 and the name rings a bell I wonder if you might know the house number to give me a clue to where he lived. Acklam19.
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    Anyone Remember Pagoda Park

    Hi all I worked on the Dolci vita after the big fire in the 70s it was during the miners strike so we lost the electric on a regular basis which did not help us as we were under pressure to open for Xmas season. I was able to see some of the early acts as I was there during their rehearsals...
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    Glovers Road shops

    HI Robt thanks for that now I can see them in all what I would think is their best clothes for such a great occasion . Regards barry
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    Recruitment in the Boer War

    Hi all I see that on the war memorial it shows my ancestor Fredrick Mole 5378 South Staffs reg who died of Enteric fever in Fraserburg S A on the 21. 5. 02 he joined on the 25. 10. 1899 aged 18 yrs and 4 months at the time he was living at 7. Beach Terrace Watery Lane Birmingham and was a...
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    Childhood Memories

    Hl all.my nan (dads mom) was something special she lost my grandad in the first world war and was left with six children under 13 to bring up she later married and had 4 more daughters yet in my memory she was always laughing and cheerful, she did like her snuff though, l used to watch put a...
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    small heath- street party

    Hi homer999 fantastic photos reminds me of our own party in Athur st which ran parallel to Herbert road I would guess the last 3 photos were taken at the Coventry road end just above the bus garage with Bastocks funeral director's on the opposite side of the road. Regards Acklam19.
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    Wimbush Bakery

    Hi postle thanks for the update, as you would know Danny would have you in stitches with his dry humour which even with his problems never seemed to leave him and Windsor I found was almost the opposite so a perfect foil.I grew up with them both in Arthur St Small Heath he lived in the next...