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    Aston Fire Station

    Siebel Gorman Proto Breath Apparatus used by Birmingham Fire Brigade until it was superseded by Compressed Air Sets in the 70s. Picture taken at Aston Fire Station on the right my ex comrades Fm Clive James and Fm Mick Rooney. The duration of Proto could be extended by closing and opening the...
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    Birmingham Fire Brigade

    Central Fire Station nearing completion by Percy Cox main contractor
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    Fatal Fire Frankfurt St Hockley

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    Air Raid Shelter Entertainment

    https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/34/656/large_000000.jpg The photograph shows the audience, made up largely of children, in a large purpose-built shelter. They are seated around a pillar which is marked "Section 1A" and decorated with a Union Jack and bunting. Neither the projector nor the screen...
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    Bomb Damaged Bull Ring

    https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/39/847/large_000000.jpg Men and women shop amongst the market stalls that line the centre of the road in Birmingham's bomb-damaged Bull Ring Market Square. Rubble and the exterior walls, which can be seen in the background of the photograph, are all that remains of...
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    Children of Working Mothers WW2

    https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/42/401/large_000000.jpg?_ga=2.15349110.1953186953.1601395786-841614060.1590864199 Children at the Flint Green Road Nursery enjoy a hearty breakfast of porridge and milk. Toddlers eat at the side table whilst smaller babies eat at the top table, assisted by nurses...
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    Birmingham During Wartime

    https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/39/846/large_000000.jpg Men and women walk past 'Ye Olde Nelson' public house on the corner of Temple Row
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    Castle Bromwich Spitfire Factory

    https://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/39/584/large_000000.jpg The Prime Minister Winston Churchill observes a female riveter working on a Supermarine Spitfire at the Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham, England, on 28 September 1941. By kind permission of IWM No copyright infringement is intended.
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    Birmingham Fire Brigade 1914.

    Birmingham Firemen called to the Colours 1914. Photographed with the 3 senior officers I see Bob Tozer in the front can anybody name the other two? I wonder how many survived and returned to the Brigade? Credit WMFSHG.
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    James Weston b 1840 Kingswinford.

    I am trying to trace James Weston b 1840 at Kingswinford parents John & Caroline Weston no trace after 1861 profession Solicitors Clerk. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sheldon Fire Station

    Has anyone got any picturers of Sheldon Fire Station, Firemen,Fires, open days or social events from the 50s 60's 70s or 80s involving the Station. Thanking you in anticipation.
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    Looking For Bill Paget And Martin Green Bcp

    As anybody got any memories of Bill Paget (the undertaker) at Duke Street and my army pal ex guardsman Martin Green joined BCP early 60's who i have lost contact with. Bill Paget was my wifes uncle. Aggie
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    colour black and white photo's

    Hiya, I would like to colour a black and white photo of yours truly taking part in Trooping the colour 1959. I would appreciate any advice on howto do it or someone to do it for me for which I would cover the cost photo's attached. Aggie
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    happy days with the Coldstream Guards Germany 1958

    Me and my mate cut a regimental capstar in the grass outside our hut thinking we would get a recommend but all we got for our troubles was a rollicking for damaging the grass and put on a charge by the CSM. Happy days.
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    Guards training battalion where are they now

    Training at Pirbright with the Coldstream Guards 1957 By best mate was Barry Rowlands from Winson Green we served together for 3 years and got into many scrapes last seen in 1959 I wonder if he is still around? aggieweston