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  1. Chris B

    Birmingham Cinema Managers

    A Photo thought to have been taken around Christmas 1938, venue could be The West End Cinema. Some of the people are Managers of Birmingham Cinemas, and some are believed to work for Trade suppliers. If anyone knows any of the people with no name and can fill in the blanks please do. Back Row...
  2. Chris B


    Hi my Father William Henry Bryan and his brother Sydney Bryan used to work at MULLINERS CAR BODY BUILDERS at 2 sites they owned 1 by Adderly Park Station in Bordesly Green Road and the other on Bordesly Green just after Victoria / Bordesly Grn Rd on the left hand side going out of town. The...
  3. Chris B


    Hi All, I would appreciate some guidance as to how I could trace my wifes family without it costing an arm and a leg, if someone could give me a pointer or two I would be extremely greatful. Thanks in anticipation of any help given. The family surname is HUBBLEDAY on her Fathers side and...
  4. Chris B

    Windows 8.1 pro

    Hi All. I have been using Windows 8.1pro for some time now, at first the stupid "Metro Opening" was a bit of a pest when you are not used to it, and as I am using it on a desk top not a touch screen lap top is was of no value whatsoever. Now I found this site https://www.classicshell.net/ where...
  5. Chris B

    Further confessions of a cinema employee

    link to a further episode in my cinematic life entitled FURTHER CONFESSIONS ........ https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=11240&page=3
  6. Chris B

    THOUGHT FOR TODAY or tomorrow for that matter !!!

    Hi All, For anyone who is worried about Microsoft withdrawing support for Windows XP operating system. What I have done so that I am not soley dependant on MS I have installed Linux Mint version 11 operating system alongside XP, so I now have a dual boot up situation on my computer. It is...
  7. Chris B

    frances craythorne

    frances craythorne 22/ 10/ 1897
  8. Chris B

    CO-Operative Transport Department

    I have heard that the Co-Op transport department is due to close at the end of July 2010. In Great Brook alongside the present Funeral Home stands some of the original garages which house the funeral depts hearses and limousines. Etched in stone over the entrances the legend "BIRMINGHAM...
  9. Chris B

    Beaufort Cinema Ward End / Washwood Heath

    Hi All, A little bit of info on the BEAUFORT CINEMA The Beaufort Cinema one the architectural gems now long gone it was a known as a "Jacobethan Mansion as the design was a mixture of both Jacobean and Tudor design, the balcony lounge stained glass windows depicted all the Kings & Queens of...
  10. Chris B

    Swimming Baths

    When I was lad the school took us to the baths at the top of George Arthur Road at the bottom of the Rock, they were old even in those days. Regards Chris B
  11. Chris B


    Hi All, here is a little saga about the good old days when I worked at the Sheldon Cinema On the A45 Coventry Road Sheldon. CONFESSIONS OF A CINEMA EMPLOYEE. Chapter one. A PART TIME JOB. As the Chief Operator once said to me in a fit of temper because he found me having a chat with the...