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    The Premiership

    No, not soccer. What has happened to modern TV and films and books over the years. Crudeness and gore seems to be all that is available in TV crime stories anyway. Murder and rape and horrid stuff is all that is offered it seems. Crime does not have to be thussly so....does it? Heck, there have...
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    Cadbury Building Crooked Lane

    I have wondered about the location of Cadbury's in Crooked Lane for a while. We know that the first factory was there but the exact location has eluded us I think...unless I have missed a post or two. Anyway, I was looking through saved photo's and artwork and would like to put forward the...
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    Burlington Arcade

    I always thought that Burlington Passage was pretty much an arcade...not covered but full of stores and a gents hairdresser. I suspect it is still there.
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    Another corner...Worcester Street

    I don't think Worcester Street exists now...only a stub perhaps if it does. Here is a litho advertised by Sanders Of Oxford that shows the corner of Worcester Street and New Street. I am not sure of the date of the scene but suggest that there are indications that may lead to an approximation...
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    Landscape before the Town Hall

    Here are a couple of pictures that may have been missed by some during recent network problems. They are two of the great pictures of the past on here, posted by others, one offering a unique glimpse of the buildings that were demolished to build...the town hall. Sketches of course in those days...
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    Asleep At The Post

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    Reboot (Imperial)

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    Manor House & Moat Lane

    I have sorted a few views of the Manor House that have been posted and attempted to tie the information together. Sketches maybe but I think that the old time artists tried to depict what they saw. The first one I have only recently seen it was listed as Moat Lane but I think it was from a...
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    The Box

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    Second innings

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    The Call Of The...Lid!!!

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    Above The Brook

    re-organising .
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    They can not last

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    Time Gone By

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    Ancient Views

    I thought that it might be interesting to post a view with a map, in this case using the 1890 ordnance survey map to locate the view. If only the link is posted it does not take up much space and those who want a permanent ref can download. Anyway here goes...
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    HMS Ullyses by Alistair Maclean

    Just read it again after 40 years. Super story about iron men.
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    Reap The Whirlwind by Spencer Dunmore

    Great book about the Canadian Halifax bomber pilots and the happanings.
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    The Aeroplanes

    When I came to Canada I left from here in the Viscount to London. As a kid I used to ride out to here to watch the DC3s and De-Haviland Dragon Rapides land and take-off. If I was lucky I got to see one whilst I was eating my bread and jam sandwich. https://madeinbirmingham.org/airport.htm
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    The Knife Sheffee

    Deleted by Rupert