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  1. oldbrit

    D Day remembered 2020

  2. oldbrit

    Memorial day in the USA

    This week end, we celebrate Memorial day in the USA.. Many of us on this forum, who no longer live in Brum, but in the USA, have a lot to be thankful for. The many American GIs that died helping us win WW2 THANK YOU AMERICA FOR YOUR HELP
  3. oldbrit

    Cycling in the 21st century

    As I approach the final chapter in my life, Cycling that has been my passion for almost all my 86 years (almost now 87),and will continue to be, I love to read others and share my exploits. As a youngster in Birmingham after the war I rode many of the roads you have in Wales.
  4. oldbrit


    My Dad (God Bless Him) Bert Crump a chain smoker all his life, but still lived to be 81, gave me small alloy, bomb shaped lighter, it is only about 2 1/2" long, I can not find any make or stampings on it, The wheel post seems to come out of the shell I assume to put fluid in it?. Does anyone...
  5. oldbrit

    WW2 Bombing in Yardley Brum

    November 23 1940 79 years ago This one got to close for comfort we lived around the corner on Moat Lane Yardley. Could have hit our house a few feet away. Feel lucky this day but sad for those that were not so lucy. That's me 7 years old and my pals by the barrow, Chap on bike worked at BSA...
  6. oldbrit

    John Chance

    I am trying to locate address for JOHN CHANCE he is in his 80s lived i Devon?
  7. oldbrit

    John Chance

    Trying to locate JOHN CHANCE age in his 80s he was last thought to be in Devon, is from Birmingham belonged to the Midland C&AC
  8. oldbrit

    Norfolk Brummie

    I am very sorry, shattered and devastated to report, that my mate and lifelong friend Eddie Ted Haynes Norfolk Brummie. passed away in April 2018 I am sure all of you will miss his postings and himself as I will. Rest in peace Eddie GOD BLESS. We had planned on a visit to Eddie and Berryl...
  9. oldbrit

    Army And Navy Surplus Shops

    One store that I remember was the Army and Navy surplus store. I got a duffle coat with the hood and wood pegs there. Anyone remember what street it was on?
  10. oldbrit


    Paul Headford age approx. 40yrs old deceased 2014? Father John Headford lives in Solihull John Crump
  11. oldbrit

    Headford John

    I am trying to locate an old friend, JOHN HEADFORD last in Solihull he would be about 81yrs old now can you help? Thanks John Crump Parker. Co USA
  12. oldbrit

    Moat Lane Yardley

    I lived on MOAT LANE right around the corner, SO what was Moat Lane called for? Was there in fact a MOAT at one time? maybe a castle with a MOAT or was Moat another relative of the Dares? (re...
  13. oldbrit

    The Moat Yardley

    I lived on MOAT LANE right around the corner, SO what was Moat Lane called for? Was there in fact a MOAT at one time? maybe a castle with a MOAT or was Moat another relative of the Dares? (re...
  14. oldbrit


    Re: Some great men of Birmingham.. What about the man I worked for WILLIAM BLOYE THE SCULPTOR his works are carved in stone and cast in bronze all around Brum, I was very lucky to be part of this history of Birmingham, John Crump OldBrit Parker, Co USA
  15. oldbrit

    The Blitz time heals

    I would like to share an experience that I had yesterday whilst riding my bike on the trails in Parker, Co USA. I stopped at a rest area and a older man was there. We talked about his bike and then he said to me "Are you from England?" Even after these some 50+years my accent is still there. I...
  16. oldbrit


    I lived at 126 Moat Lane Yardley in the 40 -50s Next door was the Packwood Family, I am interested in the Names of the Mom Dad and children, I think four Roy,Dennis and twin girls Betty and Joan, Can any one help me locate them, Thanks John Crump