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    Chamberlain And Hooklam Constitution Hill

    Does anyone know the name of the factory that was in the Taylor and Challen building on Constitution Hill in 1984 1987?My partner worked there and can't remember the company name- I have a bet that someone on here will know it,so has any one any idea please! Sue
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    Spitfire at Moira today

    Owen and I went to the Ashby Canal Boat show today, at Moira Furnace. It was a lovely day and this Spitfire flew over at lunchtime, did about 3 fly past and was quite low, wonderful sight. These are the pics Owen got on his phone camera. Sue
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    Arrowsmiths, Highgate Road

    Another memory from Aunty Ivy - does anyone remember the grocers shop, Arrowsmiths, on the corner of Highgate Road and Rose Cottages? Mom and Ivy lived in Rose cottages as well as their grandparents and Ivy can recall this shop as selling all sorts of things, she said they went there most days. Sue
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    Smoke screens

    Have been to visit my 90 year old Aunty today and we were talking about memories of the war, in 1939/40, she was working at Cadburys and used to get the train from Camp Hill to there, she sys that all along the Moseley Road there were big oil drums, which on the bright moonlit "bomber" nights...
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    The Sampson, Yardley Green Road

    I'm sure this pub has probably been mentioned but I can't see it, does anyone recall it and is it still standing/open? Dads dad used to drink there with who we now think was dads grandad (his dads father-in-law) that would have been in the 1950's Thanks, Sue
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    Harrison marriage confirmation

    Hi All, would someone be able to look at a marriage for me please, think I have the correct one, but have limited info. My paternal great-grans married name was Harrison, first name Sarah, born in Wolverhampton about 1861. On 1911 census, she is listed as head, married 28 years, 11 children 6...
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    general advice on occupation needed please

    Hi all, this query has come about as I was trying to establish whether the witness at the death of my g.g..g. Grandad was his daughter, but as I researched her, in 1911 her occupation is given as Chairwoman. In the employers box, "vicarage" is crossed out and there is an "o" in the employed box...
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    Latham nee Simpson Mary Ann- brick wall time!!!!

    Looking for some help as I can't get the info I want. Mary Ann Simpson latham was hubbys great gran. She was born in 1884 and died in 1962, in Birmingham. She had 4 children and her husband, Thomas latham, died in 1930. Folowing this, Mary Ann went to be a live in housekeeper to a man and his 4...
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    Thomas Latham

    I am trying to trace gt grandad on hubbys side of the family, Thomas Latham, I know he ran a shop, but not sure exactly where, but in 1912 electoral roll, there are 2 Thomas Lathams living close together, on Bordesley Green at no 181 and 185, could be father and son, the 181 address also lists...
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    genealogy research book

    Not sure whether to post this on here or genealogy thread, but here goes. Mom and dad have just got me a really interesting book for genealogy research info, called Family History on the Net by Colin Waters. It has kists of useful sites from where to look up family interests, not just BMD, but...
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    Katys graduation

    Just thought I'd share a pic of my daughter Katy at her graduation in Chester today, 2:1 degree, now a B.Ed, so proud of all her hard work!! Sue
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    Birrel(l)s sweet shop, City centre

    Hi All, a question from mom and dad, who are disagreeing on the location of this shop. Mom says it was in Piccadilly Arcade, off New Street, dad thinks it was in a street further up New Street, towards the Town Hall. Anyone have any ideas please! Sue
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    A Ramble Round Old Birmingham - Highly Recommended Read

    Found this site by accident, looking for something else, but found the article fascinating -I can never really place the streets on the Colmore Row side of town, but this makes it much clearer for me! Wasn't entirely sure where to post it, so if anyone wants to move it to a more appropriate...
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    So proud...

    Katy, my youner daughter has mangaed to get a job at the last interview of the term and even better gained a 2:1 B. Ed degree, after 4 years hard work - even more special as she has a mild number dyslexia, but ha overcome it to teach KS1 and 2 pupils. So proud of her, when she did her GCSE's...
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    Barber Institute, Birmingham University

    I was lucky enough to attend a conference on tuesday at the Barber Institute. I have never been there before, and was surprised whne we got there to see how old it is. It has a wonderful interior and the sound in the main theatre is brilliant - even our most boring speakers sounded good. We were...
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    Rose Cottages, Highgate Road

    Woul anyone have any pics of Rose Cottages, where moms mom and grandparents lived. I am trying to put some pics with the family history. I may be asking for more later!! Thanks, Sue
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    my ancestors

    Think this is probably the best place, have got to scanning some very old pics of Dads family and thought you may like looking at them. The photographers used are on some of the pics too, interesting to see them and where they were. Some of the pics are really faded so if anyone wants a go at...
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    Pub names

    I'm sure the answer to this will already be on the site somewhere, but I can't find it! Can anyone tell me the name of the pub on Common Lane, Sheldon? I think it's the Three Horseshoes, but Dad isn't so sure - it was the drinking place of an old friend of his, who has sadly died this week, and...
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    Great - grandads work

    Hi All, Could someone please see if there is a Zayers leather firm, in central Birmingham, would be early 1900's onwards, G.Grandad died in 1945 aged 70. Also, bit of a wild shot, apparently one of his brothers had a leather works in Walsall, I presume called Tisdales, is there a record of this...
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    Bell turners

    Hi,my great-grandfather was a bell turner on 1911 census,living in Oxford Street. Does anyone have any ideas who he may have worked for? Thanks, Sue