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  1. dwilly

    National Library of Scotland

    https://maps.nls.uk/ Someone showed me this site the other day, allows overlay of os maps old and new and also comparison side by side, allows you to alter the intensity of the over lay so new map or old map is more prominent, looks like you could have hours of fun with it, although it the...
  2. dwilly

    Pinfold House.Mansfield Rd. Yardley

    Walked past there the other day, looks good the work they have done, the new estate at the back has a link to the past as it has Jowett in its title, can't remember if its close road or something similar, the old barn looks like its been converted into a couple of houses and the sign is still...
  3. dwilly

    Bordesley Station

    There was a steam depot there too, long time ago and not seen many pictures of it
  4. dwilly

    St Chads Schools

    Wife works at the new St Chads some of the former pupils are still working there, Josephine Mattailo is one that people may remember, and maybe her sisters, she still see Sr Veronica as well
  5. dwilly

    Birmingham streets named after people

    Oxford Road in Acocks Green once ran into Clifton Road, Clifton Road was renamed Oxford Road and the road became one, https://aghs.jimdo.com/oxford-road/
  6. dwilly

    Embarrassing Problem.

    Phew, good news in the end then, lets hope they have gone for good, need to figure out next how they got there!
  7. dwilly

    Embarrassing Problem.

    It may not remove the infection, which is what you really want to do, but if you install AdBlock it might prevent them popping up but like I say you really want to get to the real cause of the problem, I usually run MalwareBytes when I get any problems that usually cures it, the other option...
  8. dwilly


    https://nearyouk.com/b2552877/01217714762-midland-fasteners-ltd-birmingham-0121-771-4762.html Just remembered we used to use this place for fixings, back of houses on Oldknow Road Small Heath, haven't used them for years but as they are still trading might be worth giving them a ring
  9. dwilly


    https://www.modelenginemaker.com/index.php?topic=628.0 Has a long list of suppliers might be worth working your way through the list! Good luck
  10. dwilly


    Jeffries in Acocks Green is something of an old fashioned Ironmongers, has little trays with odd nuts and bolts, metric and imperial, although imperial getting thin on the ground, sells parafin from a dispenser, not everything in vacuum packs, nice little shop, its opposite the library and worth...
  11. dwilly

    Clock Junction Warwick Road & Old Warwick Road Olton

    Does anyone know anything about the clock at the junction of Warwick Road and Old Warwick Road in Olton?
  12. dwilly

    Old & New

    https://www.some-cities.org.uk/ some 40,000 pictures posted, so it says on BBC website, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-26632160 , some old some new, must be some of interest i'm sure!
  13. dwilly

    turkish baths

    https://www.victorianturkishbath.org/_vti_bin/shtml.dll/_ESEARCH/Search.htm list Turkish Baths in Birmingham, might find what you are looking for here.
  14. dwilly

    BSA Military Bicycles

    https://samilitaryhistory.org/vol041dm.html Some history of cycles in Boar War, dress looks similar but guess it might well of been similar in WW1
  15. dwilly

    BSA Military Bicycles

    https://bsamuseum.wordpress.com/online-vehicle-museums-contact-details/ There is someone contact details on this website, at the bottom of the page, in the advert
  16. dwilly

    Erdington postmen heroes remembered

    Thanks Colin B missed that one, wonder if they made the wooden one having "lost" the orginal!
  17. dwilly

    Erdington postmen heroes remembered

    https://www.ukniwm.org.uk/server/show/conMemorial.17715/fromUkniwmSearch/1 Also found that Erdington Post Office, Sutton New Road, has a wooden memorial listing 7 people that feel during WW1 and 2 in WW11, no picture though.
  18. dwilly

    Erdington postmen heroes remembered

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/scandal-of-birminghams-lost-first-world-231306 A similar story from a few years ago, funnily enough another one in Erdington!
  19. dwilly

    St Peter's Chapel St Peter's Place

    Re: St Peters RC Broad Street I seem to remember, around about the same time, the metro cut through a grave yard and there was a lot of interest in that, think they moved them to Witton, but that also had its problems, open graves or coffins left around the site, can't remember fully but do...
  20. dwilly

    Erdington postmen heroes remembered

    Above the main entrance door is GR carved into the stone which I guess is King George which probably fits in with 1938 road development, so if my thoughts are right the plaque may have been at a previous site in Erdington, but where that was I don't know, there must be an Erdington Local History...