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  1. ethanedwards

    Golden Eagle- Hill Street

    Golden Eagle Hill Street .... With special thanks to pmc1947 ......... ...1976. And Special thanks to Barr Beacon for the photographs. The Golden Eagle, Probably the best pub venue in the City. Many local bands, made their name there, including the Spencer Davis Group Spencer Davis...
  2. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Town Hall

    Birmingham Town Hall **** Birmingham Town Hall is a Grade I listed concert and meeting venue in Victoria Square England. It was created as a home for the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival established in 1784, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the General Hospital, after St...
  3. ethanedwards

    Digbeth Institute (Civic Hall)

    Digbeth Institute (Civic Hall) The Digbeth Institute is a 2,000 capacity music venue in Digbeth, which has been synonymous in the development of the British rave music and drum and bass scene. A former church and theatre, the venue is now called the Sanctuary and was the original home...
  4. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Odeon

    Birmingham Odeon New Street Edit. Replacement image, 1950s photo from Cinema treasures site. May vary from original image. Second photo from the 1980s (Birmingham Mail image) A once beautiful cinema, now divided into eight screens. The Paramount Theatre opened on 4th September 1937...
  5. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Hippodrome

    Birmingham Hippodrome Substitute image for lost Photobucket image The Birmingham Hippodrome is a theatre situated on Hurst Street in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham. Although best known as the home stage of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, it also hosts a wide variety of other performances...
  6. ethanedwards

    The Plaza's -Handsworth and Old Hill, The Ritz Ballroom- Kings Heath

    The Plaza's -Handsworth and Old Hill The Ritz Ballroom- Kings Heath The Plaza- at Handsworth, now a sikh temple The Old Hill Plaza was one of four venues run by the legendary Irish husband and wife team Mr and Mrs Regan. Mary 'Ma' Regan was an ex-schoolteacher and a shy but formidable...
  7. ethanedwards

    Henry's Blues House

    Henry's Blues House Hill Street/Station Steet Henry's Blues House was great venue, and was situated on the corner of Hill Street and Station Street. It featured many of the up and coming local blues,and R&B bands, including Robert Plant, Crawling Kingsnakes and Band Of Joy. Led Zeppelin was...
  8. ethanedwards

    Midnight City

    Midnight City Digbeth Midnight City, was situated underneath an even more famous venue, The Moat House It attempted to provide bands on the same lines as the famous Mother's with bands such as The Who, Cream, Family It staged allnighters, but was only open for a few months. berniew on the...
  9. ethanedwards

    Le Metro

    Le Metro Snow Hill, Birmingham Le Metro, at Snow Hill, well actually, it was under the train lines at Snow Hill! I think the entrance was in Livery Street, but I stand corrected. It was a cavern type club, and if my memory, serves me well, it wasn't open very long! I remember going there...
  10. ethanedwards

    The Moat House Club

    The Moat House Club Moat Lane, Birmingham The Moat House was a club, that was very important to the development of Brum Beat in the 60's. In June of 1963, Cliff Richard & Shadows producer Norrie Paramour came up to Birmingham to audition local beat groups at the Moat House Club in the Bull...
  11. ethanedwards

    Opposite Lock Club

    Opposite Lock Gas Street The Opposite Lock Club, was on the towpath in Gas Street basin. Access to the club was from Gas Street, through a short alleyway, where you tuned left, onto the canal towpath. Exit was a bit more precarious, as after a few pints, you had to ensure, you didn't fall...
  12. ethanedwards


    Mothers Erdington Mothers as it is today. The club was the top floor above both shops. This was a favourite haunt of mine, and a significant part of Brum Beat life, including my own. The club opened 1968 and closed 1971. In this time over 400 acts performed there, incuding many 'Super...
  13. ethanedwards

    Rum Runner

    Rum Runner Broad Street The Rum Runner nightclub was opened on Broad Street in the Birmingham city centre in 1964. It was demolished in 1987. One of the first 'house' bands, playing the cover versions of the day, became Magnum featuring Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin. They left the club in...
  14. ethanedwards

    Elbow Room

    Elbow Room Aston High Street ... The club was upstairs above the building, between the Hippodrome and Woolworth's The Elbow Room next to the Hippodrome,was a great club. When I was young, not so long ago, I always considered it 'posher' than the others. It was owned by a tall bald headed...
  15. ethanedwards

    Court Oak, Harborne

    Anymore information on this one?
  16. ethanedwards

    Kings Highway, Quinton

    Any information or photos, would be greatly appreciated.
  17. ethanedwards

    Old House At Home, Harborne

    One of my favourite drinking haunts 30 years ago, Any information or photos would be appreciated!
  18. ethanedwards

    Scott Arms, Great Barr

    Another one of my drinking places in my youth. Any information or photgraphs?
  19. ethanedwards

    Malt Shovel, Newton Road Great Barr

    I used to be a regular here, for many years, as I no longer live in the area, I wonder if anyone has any information and photographs etc?
  20. ethanedwards

    Brum and Black Country- Venues Of The Past

    Please check out the link below, to see the more famous Venues of the past https://www.unsignedcity.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=30 Brum & Black Country- Halls of Fame- The Definitive List Hopefully we are getting together the definitive list of all the live venues on the...