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  1. pollypops

    Warwickshire Photographic Survey

    This project had been supported by Birmingham Library - includes some great photos of Birmingham Streets etc. https://www.shoothill.com/demo/warwickshire-photographic-survey-deep-zoom/ It was launched in September (apologies if the link is already on the forum)
  2. pollypops

    By any means

    By Any Means is another programme filmed in Birmingham. It starts on BBC1 on Sunday, 22nd September at 9pm. Not sure if the programme is actually set in Birmingham or if like Hustle it uses Birmingham as London but it will surely provide us forum members with some location spotting! :adoration:
  3. pollypops

    Frederick Wills obelisk Key Hill Cemetery

    This tall Obelisk (plot K710) in Key Hill Cemetery is in memory of Frederick Wills (solicitor) and his wife Melissa Tertius Wills. Frederick died on 31st December 1874 and was buried in K820 however he was moved to K710 in 1879 - the year his wife died - presumably so they could be buried...
  4. pollypops

    Old photo

    My brother in law has been given this old photo by his cousin. She has told him the older man with the beard sitting on the chair is his Gt Grandfather. Unfortunately we know nothing about him except that he had a daughter born in Aston in 1886. If someone could have ago at tidying up the photo...
  5. pollypops

    Find my past new tv show

    I have just had an email about a new programme starting tomorrow: The show starts on 20 October 2011 at 9pm on the Yesterday channel: Freeview channel 12, Sky 537, Virgin Media 203. Each week they will help three members of the public to discover how they are related to someone from a...
  6. pollypops

    Charles Reece Pemberton - Key Hill

    While searching old newspaper articles for family research I came across this letter in the Birmingham Daily Post, Tuesday May 21 1861 about the grave of Charles Reece Pemberton who died in 1840 age 50 and is buried in Key Hill Cemetery. J.C.A of 22 Lodge Road had wrote to the paper urging...
  7. pollypops

    Gate Inn, Icknield Street

    In 1851 my 3x gt Grandfather Thomas Ryland is listed as the licensed victualler of the Gate Inn, I83 Icknield Street EA. I do not know how long he was there for. key hill brian has very kindly found this 1965 picture for me which shows The Gate, 183 Icknield Street/Alfred's Place that was built...
  8. pollypops

    Company name on photo???

    This is a photo I found in amongst our old family photos. The photo is badly creased but I wondered if someone with a good photo programme could tell me the name of the company that is above the doors/window. I think my mum must have worked there. It would have probably ? been around the...
  9. pollypops

    The hughes collection

    I don't know if this has been posted before but I can't find it on the forum. In 1897 a photographer called Joseph Hughes opened a studio in Bromsgrove. Over the next 10 years he built up a collection of glass negatives. These negatives were given to someone in 1976. With the help of a grant...
  10. pollypops

    Longbridge Island Floral Car

    Since Rover closed and a lot of the buildings have been demolished I have often thought that something should be placed on Longbridge Island in recognition of all the cars that have been made there over the years - preferably a replica Mini. Therefore I was very pleased to see this today and...
  11. pollypops

    My Family Tree Surprise

    I know this is going to be a long post but I hope that you enjoy it, It may take a few posts to fit it all on but If you could just let me post it to the end I would be very grateful as I think it needs to be read as a complete story. I will put THE END so you know I have finished. Please be...
  12. pollypops

    Ladywood & birmingham shop adverts

    I have found an old Ladywood Parish magazine from 1942 which has some old adverts inside. I thought you may find them interesting. First ones are all in Mounument Road E Joyce florist Whitehouse Stores H Fabery Footwear J E Wild Tobacconist
  13. pollypops

    Birmingham Skyline

    I took this picture from the Lickeys -I thought you might like to have a go at identifying the buildings. The building in the foreground used to be part of Rover. I am sorry about the crane that seems to be dangling something between buildings 6 & 7. The crane is actually in Longbridge where...
  14. pollypops

    H.m.s forth

    I have an old newspaper picture of a relative serving in WW1 - underneath his name it says H.M.S Forth. Is there anyone on here who knows anything about WW1 ships? What is the best way of finding more information? Thanks, Polly :)
  15. pollypops


    I have just read in the newspaper that the Ancestry website has published a Birmingham Pub Blacklist with details of 'habitul drunkards' from the beginning of the 20th century. It says it shows photographs of those banned from pubs and clubs in the city and the nature of their offences - such as...
  16. pollypops

    Childhood Awards

    This certificate was given to one of my Hubbys relatives who lived in Ladywood. It is dated 1933 and says it was for an 'ESSAY ON KINDNESS TO ANIMALS'. It was awarded by the Birmingham District Branch of the RSPCA. I wished I had a copy of the essay - I would love to read it. Polly
  17. pollypops

    Can you help with soldiers family

    https://www.bromsgroveadvertiser.co.uk/news/4850741.Bristol_man_s_search_for_relative_of_Bromsgrove_soldier/?ref=mr Don't know if I have posted this in the right section - forgive me if it's in the wrong one. Also I know it is not Birmingham but this article was in my local paper and I wondered...
  18. pollypops


    I have been told that my grandmother from Ladywood is listed in the 1901 census as being a warehouse girl aged 14 at Belfins. Does anyone know what/where this was? Thank you for reading this, Polly