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    Typhoo Tea Factory

    One mistake in the text beneath the page. S Rose closed in April 2001 not the late 00s.
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    Tablet problem

    Possibilities. Most tablets have some form of built in camera and usually two of them one facing front and the other back. You can use that to photograph your cards direct to the tablet. In a lot of cases the charge lead for the tablet will connect to a 3 pin plug by means of a USB port. You...
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    Birmingham tower blocks 1950s/60s/70s still here today

    When I was young I moved to what was then called the "Calthorpe Park Estate" which ran from Belgrave Road at one end to Priory Road at the other. This was around 1964. At the Belgrave Road end there are (and were) three tower blocks named after places in Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver) at...
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    Midland Educational

    They moved from 41/43 (later H Samuels) to 104 sometime between 65 and 71.
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    The .me domain is registered as national code for Montenegro but, like several other countries, gets used over the world. It's unlikely that any corporation in the UK would use it but if you've got a foreign bank...
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    Covid vaccination process

    Had the first of the AstraZeneca jabs at the beginning of the month. I was OK for a few hours then it hit me like a bad case of the flu for 3-4 days. Due the next one at the start of May. hope it doesn't hit so bad next time.
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    Not a lot of people know that!..............

    https://metro.co.uk/2011/03/23/michael-caine-i-never-said-not-a-lot-of-people-know-that-646227/ This is an explanation for where the phrase came from. According to the article, long after it was ascribed to him, Michael Caine did say it in a film.
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    Windows 10

    If the browser that the complaint is about isn't IE, chances are that IE is also on the PC and updated. I doubt they'd suppress windows updates and it should be in with those. There might even be a copy of Edge.
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    Library Of Birmingham Web Site

    There are many problems with digitising photographs and Birmingham library will have more than most. A lot of people have given their collection of photographs to the library but, in many cases, they don't own copyrights. For example, a community organisation might have a lot of old photographs...
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    Windows 10

    As far as I know HTML standards haven't changed for years so the "outdated browser" message is likely to be a con of some sort. Did it suggest one in particular? Internet Explorer may be so old that Microsoft no longer supports it but it shouldn't have trouble displaying anything from most web...
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    Records or Music You Thought You Didn't Like

    As long as I can remember people have called "modern music" tuneless and such. I've heard they used to say the same long before I was born. All it really means is that whoever's saying it thinks everything was so much better when they were young and could sing along and dance to the music...
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    Attracting people back to the high street

    Surprising how often you see a video link or a picture link on some notice board with an "unavailable" "this is private" tag nowadays. I suppose it's frustrating if you're using one to make a point or something.
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    Records or Music You Thought You Didn't Like

    I don't really think there's anything I didn't like that I do now. There's a lot of old stuff that is just bland. It's not irritating but most of the time you can't remember it 3 minutes later. I haven't kept up so much over the last 10 years or so but what I do hear doesn't seem to be much of a...
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    who likes 1920 and 30s 40s music

    There's also a lot of material at archive.org...
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    who likes 1920 and 30s 40s music

    I don't know if this will actually work for all of you but Free Music Archive host a lot of material - most of it modern and alternative - but they do have a series of transferred material from "antique phonograph" records that you should be able to download for free. This link should get you to...
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    https://www.santander.co.uk/personal/support/fraud-and-security/how-to-report-fraud This is a list of what to do if you get suspicious calls claiming to be from Santander if it is actually your bank including the freephone numbers to report the call.
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    Ladypool Road

    According to kelly's in 65 and 72, 281 Ladypool was a fancy goods shop not hardware. It had been a toy shop before that. They just call it "Gift Shop" and it was on the corner of Trafalgar Avenue (?) part way between Clifton & runcorn. The photo was taken of an event at St Barnabas in the early...
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    Using maps in genealogy

    This might also be of interest in these days when printed versions aren't available. https://maps.nls.uk/ I know it's the library of scotland's collection but it does seem to cover most of the UK.
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    The Cinephone

    The only films I remember seeing at the Cinephone was a double bill of Straw Dogs and Death Weekend. I think they must have moved to horror films at some point and this was closer to that. I'm surprised that there was any difference between And god created woman between the UK and Germany. It...
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    Covid vaccination process

    There was something on the news this morning about the next version of the vaccine. This should be a single shot rather than the two for the first version. They say it should be approved soon and that the government has ordered 100 million doses. I don't know who they're planning on vaccinating...