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  1. ellbrown

    Icknield Port Loop

    The Port Loop development is well underway at the Icknield Port Loop, so time for a separate canal thread (couldn't find an individual one). My earliest photos from May 2011.
  2. ellbrown

    Centenary Square development 2020

    Still to be completed in 2020 is the foyer of Symphony Hall. As it was yesterday afternoon from the end of Centenary Square onto Broad Street.
  3. ellbrown

    Paradise development 2020

    Happy New Year 2020. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery was closed on New Year's Day 2020 as I tried to take a view of Chamberlain Square, still hidden behind the fences. The public realm on Centenary Way towards Centenary Square is now open. Is some new trees on the new flower beds. Towards...
  4. ellbrown

    Metro progress 2020

    Edit. This thread is to record the development and progress of the Metro. For general, day-to-day comments about the Metro there is a thread here: https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/west-midlands-metro-trams-2020.51167/ ——————————————————————————————— The state of...
  5. ellbrown

    The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery

    I saw The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery above the Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham at Arena Birmingham. Assume this new art gallery is opening soon.
  6. ellbrown

    St Vincent Street Bridge

    There is steps going down near the St Vincent Street Bridge in Ladywood. Also an open path from Summer Hill Street. The steps are open. Close up look at the steps. There is a primary school close to this site. Nelson Primary School. The steps leads to a path that goes towards St Mark's...
  7. ellbrown

    Manchester & Birmingham Railway

    A replica plaque of the Manchester & Birmingham Railway has been found. The original from 1839 is at the National Railway Museum in York. This one was at Manchester Piccadilly from the 1960s until the 1998 redevelopment and never returned in 2002 once complete. Someone saw a listing on eBay...
  8. ellbrown

    Birmingham Royal Ballet - Dance Hub

    They recently built a modern extension to the Birmingham Royal Ballet building on Thorp Street. You can see it also from Bristol Street. The Bristol Street views I saw. Old and new. Onto Thorp Street. Was a bit bright down here. Sunshine after the various rain spells. Way too bright...
  9. ellbrown

    West Midlands Metro trams going blue 2019

    Some recent photos of West Midlands Metro trams that have been given a new blue livery. Tram 17 on Bull Street Tram 37 leaving Grand Central Tram Stop on Stephenson Street. It may have lost the Ozzy Osbourne name.
  10. ellbrown

    Metro progress 2019

    The Metro Works Begins thread has vanished, and doesn't come up in a search so will post these here. Tram tracks and paving on Pinfold Street seen on a wet Saturday afternoon between Victoria Square and New Street Station. Those bars getting in the way of a decent shot.
  11. ellbrown

    Norfolk Road, Edgbaston

    I walked up from Harborne up Nursery Road then Norfolk Road towards the Hagley Road in Edgbaston and saw these buildings. 16 Norfolk Road - now called Fazle Yousaf House - Grade II listed building. A conservatory I think...
  12. ellbrown

    Moseley & Balsall Heath Institute (Moseley Dance Centre Hazelle Stage School)

    Some photos of the former Moseley & Balsall Heath Institute (now the Moseley Dance Centre Hazelle Stage School). This quote from Bill Dargue's site under Moseley (not Balsall Heath): Bill Dargue Moseley Busts of Michelangelo and Shakespeare Michelangelo close up Shakespeare close up...
  13. ellbrown

    White Horse - York Street, Harborne

    Pub signs have changed. The White Horse seen on York Street in Harborne in 2015. Festival Ale House. As of 2018 now run by Ostler's. Ostler's Alehouses
  14. ellbrown

    Memorial to the Boulton and Watt Governor - Smethwick

    This 1985 sculpture in Smethwick is the Memorial to the Boulton and Watt Governor. Sculpted by Francis Gomila.
  15. ellbrown

    Lions of the Great War, Smethwick

    Photos of the new Sikh Soldier statue in Smethwick. The previously reported vandalism has been removed when I went to see it. Poppy wreaths left over from the Armistice 100 weekend
  16. ellbrown

    Moby Dicks / Eagle & Ball By Bcu At Eastside Locks

    I had a close up look at the former Moby Dicks pub in Eastside, now that it is reopened as the Eagle & Ball by BCU. Here it was in 2010 as the derelict Moby Dicks. Access to Gopsal Street and Penn Street has been restricted during the many years of construction for the Birmingham City...
  17. ellbrown

    Paradise development 2018

    Edit. Please note there are a number of other related threads as follows Paradise pre development 2014 - 2016 https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/paradise-pre-development-2014-2016.44640/ Paradise Circus...
  18. ellbrown

    George Dawson Statue And Busts

    Some of the George Dawson sculptures I've seen in Birmingham over the years. I saw this bust of George Dawson in the Shakespeare Memorial Room at the Library of Birmingham. Near it was this description: During 2016 on the 400th Anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, the bust...
  19. ellbrown

    Vine Inn Lichfield Road Aston

    Heading back to Aston Station from Aston Hall, I spotted this derelict pub in a sorry state. Was The Vine on Lichfield Road.
  20. ellbrown

    Centenary Square development 2017-18

    The redevelopment of Centenary Square. This photo from the library was taken at the beginning of July 2017. And this was at the beginning of May.