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  1. Bob Davis

    Tablet problem

    I have a laptop and a tablet. I scan onto the laptop my postcards, so that when í àm àt à postcardfair, I can check àny finds. Ì then copy the scans via a memory stick onto a notebook, which is smaller than the laptop, but ìt is cumbersome. Is theŕe a way to get scan straight to...
  2. Bob Davis

    Jewellery Quarter

    Very surprised that none of the cognoscenti have commented on the new Tuesday night programme 'All That Glitters' that came from the Jewellery Quarter, from the School? that is located there. What I had not realised was that Birmingham was still such an important centre when it came to...
  3. Bob Davis

    Short Heath Park

    Are there any pictures of Short Heath Park in Court Lane and Goosemoor Lane. Not a particularly interesting park, no boating lake or band stand, just some football pitches and changing rooms. I used to be a Sunday morning regular late forties early fifties to watch the football matches Bob
  4. Bob Davis

    Done it

    Yesterday was the first day of my retirement. Beautiful day, hot, got sunburnt, my youngest son, his wife and my granddaughter, came to the garden for a socially distanced picnic, Saffron buns, jam and cream and champagne. After working continuously since I was 16, (68 years), I felt the...
  5. Bob Davis

    Parish of St John Ladywood

    Just discovered my grandmothers christening in this church, could one of the map experts, identify the location please and also two 'nearby' streets - 5 Portland Place, Johnstone Street and also 1bk57 Steward Street as on the same date as she was christened, her mothers brothers daughter was...
  6. Bob Davis

    LMS Railway Delivery Vehicles

    This picture was passed to me by a distant cousin (many times removed). He advised that it was of Frederick Vanstone (my grandfathers brother) who had used horse drawn transport for deliveries from the railway and now with the first motorised truck for the LMS in Birmingham to be used for rail...
  7. Bob Davis

    Crego Street

    Is there a thread with any pictures of Crego Street?
  8. Bob Davis

    Honey Lane

    I have just looked up a relative on the 1851 census and the entry shows them living in the parish of Kings Norton, the village of Sparkbrook in what looks like Honey Lane. Did such a lane exist or have I translated the name incorrectly? Interestingly the father died four years later and they...
  9. Bob Davis

    Council Houses

    I was looking at one of the aerial views on the forum of Kingstanding, fascinated by the road layout and then remembering that there were similar layouts in those parts of the City that we never visited unless it was to visit a distant relative and it led me to wonder how many estates were built...
  10. Bob Davis

    Birmingham Heaths

    Watching Breakfast this morning, there was an item on allotments coming from Beckenham and the gent being interviewed said he had been brought up in Small Heath and that got me wondering; How many Heaths were there in Birmingham. I remember Small, Short & West (was there a Druids, or did I make...
  11. Bob Davis

    TV Help - Remote

    Yesterday, trying to be clever and do three things at once, one of which involved using the remote, a sky model , which I dropped, caught, dropped and juggled before it fell on the floor. When I looked at the screen a black half insert with white writing came up, I did not look at it pressed...
  12. Bob Davis

    Help Again

    I have not only discovered my Birmingham postcards, but also 4 old b& w photos I took of the demolition for the ring road way back in the late fifties. As some of the postcards are Edwardian and actually dated by the senders and there are one or two other vintage cards, I thought instead of my...
  13. Bob Davis


    I have Smallwoods on both my paternal (through his mother's sister and maternal (through her grandmother) sides of my family. My query concerns the Smallwood on my mother's side, first name unknown who owned an ironmongers on Bristol Road and who had an advert on a tram, which David Harvey...
  14. Bob Davis

    Laptop muted

    On my HP laptop I normally keep the sound muted, however whilst working from home I fancied some cooljazz and big band stuff and Duellin Banjos, the red light is in the mute button (f6) and pressing it dos not release it. Suggestions and help please Bob
  15. Bob Davis

    Jazz players

    He also regularly came to the Town Hall with Ted Heath and his band and Lita Roza and Dennis Lotus. Those big band concerts at the Town Hall used to be excellent, Ted Heath, Jack Parnell, Vic Lewis (Playing Kenton's music), the guy who did Oranges & Lemons on the Kettle Drums, Oscar Rabin...
  16. Bob Davis

    John Frederick Corbett

    John F Corbett was born in Aston in 1855/6, his father was Frederick Corbett, originally from Worcester. He is in the 1891 census at 36 Frederick Road, Aston with his wife Amelia and his daughter Ettie Amelia. Family tales had it that he died in Hungary around 1900, searches at Family...
  17. Bob Davis

    Getting on the tram

    Perhaps a mod will put this in the posting to which it refers. Recently questions have been asked about traffic at the time a tram stopped and there has been no realisation that we are thinking and knowing 21st century about a transport system that was gone in the main mid 20th Century. In...
  18. Bob Davis

    Radio/TV now and then.

    Reading the posts on what people are watching on TV, is there anything to watch anymore? If it hasn't been politicised, a classic turned into a porn film or starring overpaid ex sportsmen, then its a repeat. The comedy borders on the objectionable because of the obscenities which are thrown...
  19. Bob Davis

    Birmingham on a hot June day

    Any of you loçal inhabitants disturbed by the driving of a blue 68 reg Corsa today? Yes I was up here again. Driving around Rubery to Lozells to Great Barr last night, I got lost again then today NEC to Moseley and return to NEC via Shirley. Saw a wonderful ghost sign in Shirley, shop...
  20. Bob Davis

    Photo insertions

    I have four postcards to put on the FORUM, but my history in this department is pretty rubbish, so tomorrow I will scan them at work and put them on as posts. I can scan as ODD or JPEG, please can someone advise me how to get them so that they look proper and not like thumbnails, or can I...