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  1. BordesleyExile

    The Clements Arms Upper Trinity St

    The Clements Arms in Upper Trinity St is well worth a visit for the quaint interior alone. These photographs are of the exterior, but its hoped that our most intrepid reporter has interior shots & can post them later.
  2. BordesleyExile

    Moseley Rd Baths Behind The Scenes

    Birmingham Conservation Trust have issued an opportunity to see behind the scenes at Moseley Rd baths, arguably one of Birmingham's most beautifull buildings.
  3. BordesleyExile

    Northfield Manor House

    A consultation is in in progress concerning the redevelopment of Northfiels Manor House. One of the PDFs is operational & the other is currently not but the website is worth a look. https://www.bannerhomes.co.uk/consultation/northfield
  4. BordesleyExile

    Homes Fit For Heroes Bill Brandt

    Its always a joy to see quality photographs, & Homes Fit For Heroes does indeed provide us with a special window into Birmingham 1939-1943. Bill Brandt's pictures are stunning & many take as their subject families at home in Hockley, Watery Lane & KIngstanding. There are exterior views too & as...
  5. BordesleyExile


    Solihull High St drawn & engraved by T Radcyffe.
  6. BordesleyExile

    An 1840s Guide Book to Great Britain

    Warwickshire ought to be in this 1840 Harwood's Scenery of Great Britain, but I became absorbed in identifying other places that I knew as Harwood's pictures are so delightfull. Worthing, Portsmoth, Southampton, Tunbridge Wells & many other places are depicted & its perhaps worth a trawl to see...
  7. BordesleyExile

    Forces War Records

    The Forces War Records & Military Genealogy site is worth a look. Today they are offering a VAT free subscription offer. https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/?off=ww1
  8. BordesleyExile

    Fohay Hall or Bogay Hall Henwood Lane Solihull

    Does anyone have any old pictures of Fogay Hall, formerly known as Bogay Hall, please? There are modern pictures on the web which show the roof, but I am looking for something better. Does anyone know who lived there in 1903? I have been unable to find the Hall using FMP address search for 1901...
  9. BordesleyExile

    Mike Jee's texts for Alan Godfrey Maps

    On BHF we all know the quality of Mike Jee's research & many of us use Alan Godfrey maps to underpin our understanding of the places our family lived. Mike has now written texts for two of the Birmingham maps & one just outside Birmingham published by Alan Godfrey. Birmingham East 1888 ref...
  10. BordesleyExile

    Ward End & Washwood Heath

    A few pictures of Ward End & Washwood Heath, including Cocksparrows Hall in St Margarets, the Fox & Goose, St Margarets Rd, the Barley Mow & lastly the Fox & Goose 1905:
  11. BordesleyExile

    Diseases for genealogists

    This website is invaluable for understanding the causes of death on certificates: https://www.sedgleymanor.com/diseases/diseases_front_page.html My thanks go to Ian Beach for providing the site.
  12. BordesleyExile

    Was Lozells ever described as being in Bordesley?

    1 have 2 questions: 1) Could 60 Lozells Rd have been described as being in Bordesley in 1863? Sarah Lucy Mottershaw was at that address in 1861 & when she married John Milner 6.10.1863 at Aston Juxta / St Peter & Pauls she was described as living in Bordesley. Based on the RAC routeplanner it...
  13. BordesleyExile

    Where was Blews St West?

    Blews St West was probably redeveloped between 1895 (Kellys 1896) & 1889 (Old Maps), but where was BSW? It was variously described as "top of Lower Camden St" Kellys 1872, "off 132 Lower Camden St" Kellys 1880 & running from "Clissold St to Camden St" Kellys 1896. It is not shown on the 1828...
  14. BordesleyExile

    Gas Retort Gas Street

    Good news. The Gas Retort, having been bought by Ashtenne & renovated has now been removed from English Heritage's At Risk Register. The owners of this landmark building are in negotiations with a company considering setting up a gym & creche.
  15. BordesleyExile

    Pigots Commercial Directory 1818-19-20

    The Pigots Commercial Directory 1818-19-20 covers Birmingham, so its an alternative to Wrightsons Triennial. So far I can only locate this read online version...
  16. BordesleyExile

    Travel writers views of Birmingham

    Writing of Birmingham, Robert Southey opens with "The devil has certainly fixed on this spot for his hothouse". Its always interesting to have different perspectives of Birmingham and Southey certainly provides unique insights. In his book Letters from England vol 2 published in 1814 he arrives...
  17. BordesleyExile

    GRO customer satisfaction survey

    The GRO have commissioned a customer satisfaction survey. If you would like to take part the link is: https://vault2.secured-url.com/lake/gro/customer_satisfaction.htm
  18. BordesleyExile

    Birmingham 1890

    Mackenzie's 1890 "romantic" painting of Birmingham is as interesting for its omissions as well as the perspective. Has anyone got any idea where the painter would have stood to get this view? (Replacement. I think it is the one. It certainly fits the descriptions )
  19. BordesleyExile

    136 Cattell Rd by Marquis of Lorne

    Does anyone have a photo of 136 Cattell Rd which was close to & on the city centre side of the Marquis of Lorne, please? I understand that the properties were set back a little from the road. I have no idea what the row of houses / shops looked like as I have been searching for a picture for...
  20. BordesleyExile

    10% discount to Find My Past

    Between 0.01am 10th September & 11.59pm 26th September a 10% discount is available to Find My Past. Click on the link below & on the subscribe page in the discount box enter LOSTCOUSINS09 and click apply to choose the subscription you wish...