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  1. Pedrocut

    Chocolate Islands: Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa (Catherine Higgs, 2012.)

    Richard and George Cadbury took over the firm in 1861 and started to invest in cocoa. 1901 William Cadbury read a brochure about the sale of a cocoa plantation on the Portuguese Island of São Tomé and Príncipe, which included in the sale were 200 black labourers. William Cadbury had heard...
  2. Pedrocut

    Birmingham and the Black Country on Youtube

    1960s Black Country Documentary. (23mins)
  3. Pedrocut

    Antiques Roadshow will be coming to Aston Hall.

    Antiques Roadshow will be coming to Aston Hall. https://www.birminghammuseums.org.uk/blog/posts/antiques-roadshow-is-coming-to-aston-hall?dm_i=4H0Y,10YNR,1XS3O0,4N9BP,1 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4JZtctC1PB60MR5cV2V7C8d/aston-hall
  4. Pedrocut

    Should Birmingham back the planting of blossom trees ?

    Birmingham follow the example of London, Nottingham, Newcastle and Plymouth ? https://www.envirolink.org/2021/02/25/national-trust-to-plant-blossom-trees-around-uk/
  5. Pedrocut

    Birmingham and the British Empire.

    There doesn’t seem to be a thread about Birmingham’s role in the British Empire. So here is a start with a firm that, as far as I can see, slipped the net, being Messrs Walsh, Lovett and Co. at 10 Ludgate Hill. In the Birmingham Daily Post of April 1892 they report the successful opening of the...
  6. Pedrocut

    Chinese History in Birmingham

    There doesn’t seem to much concerning the Chinese influence in Birmingham. The Birmingham Libraries Iron Room have produced an article... https://theironroom.wordpress.com/2021/02/09/chinese-history-in-birmingham/
  7. Pedrocut

    Birmingham Municipal School of Art, Central School

  8. Pedrocut

    Mendelssohn and other Classical Composers with Birmingham Associations.

    On the Good Classical Music on YouTube thread. Sospiri (Maurice) posted a link to Mendelsohn's Fingal Cave. Mendelssohn has a part in Birmingham history with his visits to the city. The first visit was in September 1837 in the Triennial Festival an performed the oratorio of “St Paul.”...
  9. Pedrocut

    Where is this suburb ?

    From 1941, but where ?
  10. Pedrocut

    Covid Miracle

    Lovely story in troubled times... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-54986070
  11. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Outside Birmingham #11

    This was also in with Cheddar Gorge, but can’t place it...
  12. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Outside Birmingham #10

    Another ruin, but where ?
  13. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Birmingham #13

    Found this picture amongst those for Cheddar Gorge, but have a feeling it could be the gardens in Aston Park. There is a statue and a block of flats that may help...
  14. Pedrocut

    The Edgbastonian Monthly Local magazine

    On the Union Club Colmore Row Thread there is a reference to The Edgbastonian Local Magazine... https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/the-union-club-colmore-row.49476/post-699342 An interesting publication that first appeared in May 1881...
  15. Pedrocut

    Where is it, outside Birmingham #9

    This picture was amongst some from Stratford...
  16. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Outside Birmingham #8

    Another picture from the 60s, anyone recognise this magnificent building?
  17. Pedrocut

    Where is it , Birmingham #12

    A Dog show from the 1960s...
  18. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Birmingham # 12

    Could this could this be another from Drayton Manor ?
  19. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Birmingham #11

    Is this a Birmingham Park?
  20. Pedrocut

    Where is it, Birmingham #10

    This was in with pictures around Aston Park, but it could have got jumbled