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  1. Morturn

    Wimbush Bakery

    Would anyone remember Bill and Rosemary McDonald who worked at Wimbush Bakery in the 80’s.
  2. Morturn

    Photo Editing Programmes

    That’s impressive
  3. Morturn

    Lock keeper’s cottages

    Absolutely super set of photos.
  4. Morturn

    It’s Bob Davis’s Birthday!

    Many happy returns Bob. Have a great day
  5. Morturn

    The Norton Inn Erdington

    Hi and welcome to Birmingham History Forum. Member Phil is no longer with us so the Photo Bucket account would have now expired. I am sure some of the other members will have a photo. For the time being, here is one taken prior to demolition.
  6. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    My resin printer came out of the box working. Just had to push a small gasket on the cover. It was dead easy to get started, the instructions were clear and easy too understand. The only job to do is level the build plate. Again, dead easy and the manufacture has a video on You Tube. The...
  7. Morturn

    Hall Green Technical College

    I recall he was a character on the back page of a bike magazine. He had a pal called Malcom Thrasher. I used to ride a Tiger Cub
  8. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    You can hollow the model then add internal support and drain holes automatically in the software. The software has both free and paid versions.
  9. Morturn

    In The Garden 2021

    As you correctly say, the fern was very popular in Victorian times, they were indeed avid collectors. On Victorian grave markers, one of the common recurring symbols that had perplexed me for a while was the one below. My wife soon realised that it was fern crosier that uncurl as the stem...
  10. Morturn

    In The Garden 2021

    We have hundreds of them in our garden. My wife was a member of the fern society too.
  11. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    Absolutely Viv, just think about all of the wonderful graveyard monuments that have already been lost. We can now at least keep more than a paper record. I am taking to Nottingham Trent Uni on this one.
  12. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    John You are spot on there. The part can be drawn in a CAD programme like Fusion 360 to make the 3D model. The 3D model is then bought into a slicer programme, I use either CURA, LycheeSlicer or Chituboc to slice the file and prepare it for printing. I have seen vintage car parts scanned with...
  13. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    Viv By coincidence I have also started to do a course in 3D photography in relation to historic buildings. What I have in mice is producing 3D models of at-risk buildings or those due for demolition. I am also looking at how we can preserved grave markers in the same way, as the detail it...
  14. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    The resin costs between £25 to £40 a litre, depending on the type. You can do quite a lot of printing with the one bottle. The software will calculate the cost of the print based on how much resin it will use.
  15. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    Excellent, money spend on leisure or hobbies is money well spent. If your into radio or electronic things you’re going to love a 3D printer. You can make all the project boxes and enclosures. I am working on a ‘Useless Box’ at the moment.
  16. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    I have bought the Ender pro 3 V2 filament printer. This is a super printer that you can customise for your own needs. They are for on Amazon, but I bought mine directly form the manufacturer and got it almost £80 cheaper at £190. The resin printer is an Elegoo Mars Pro, again a great printer...
  17. Morturn

    Hobbies 2021

    I have just bought myself a 3D printer. The machine itself is interesting in that it is ‘open source’ so you can do modifications, repair, and upgrades on the machine. It’s a step back from the built-in obsolescence you get in some high-tech devices. A couple of things I have printed so far.
  18. Morturn

    Staffordshire ... research my family ‘Badger ‘ —- Morrall—- married Price Mary 1740 George Badger —-also Smiths ..any knowledge pleas

    Hi John Welcome to Birmingham History Forum and thank you for post. We strongly advise members not to post their personal email addresses on the thread. Your email address and data could be harvested and used for scams, fraud, and identity theft. If you wish other members to contact you, then...
  19. Morturn

    My Nan's sayings

    Apparently, it was taken from a 1946 song of the same name by Johnny Kimano, Billy Faber, and Maurie Hartmann.
  20. Morturn

    Group photos

    Good question, my understanding of rent pooling is where several people own several properties they rent out and divide the revenue, so I cannot see how this would happen in social housing.