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  1. cookie273uk

    Birmingham Back-to-Backs

    We only paid 12/6 in the 1950's. 2 rooms (no kitchen, cooker in the living room) and an attic. This was Vicarage Rd Aston. Eric
  2. cookie273uk

    Covid vaccination process

    Malaria is prevalent in poor countries, will they be able to afford to inoculate their people ? We used to take 1 palludrine tablet a day in West Africa whilst serving in the RAF, I still caught Malaria but less severe, this was 1950. Eric
  3. cookie273uk

    Market Hall 1835 - 1963

    I used to go when it had a roof on in the late 30's. We lived in Sheldon and our Mom used to take us to see our Nan who lived in Queens Road Aston. Cannot remember whether we caught a tram or trolley bus into town, but we always called at the Market Hall on the way to Martineau Street to catch...
  4. cookie273uk

    What music brings out your emotions?

    Re post #204, I'm a great fan of Gilbert Becaud, good voice and sings with feeling, I particular like his duet with Isabelle Boulay singing et Maintenant, another French singer I like is the late Edith Piaf. In my youth I loved Jazz, when I was stationed near London used to go to see Humphry...
  5. cookie273uk

    Saint Michaels No. 2

    I have had a request for a second painting of Saint Michaels, the last one an Autumn scene, this one a winter scene and different view. Eric
  6. cookie273uk

    Covid vaccination process

    Had my 2nd Jab last Saturday, no after effects whatsoever just like the 1st on in Jan. Eric
  7. cookie273uk

    Midland Educational

    I worked there for 7 months after I took early retirement from BT till the shop closed in the 80's after being bought by Next. I was their delivery driver, they had no garage so I kept the van (Ford Transit) on my drive at home which was a bonus, another bonus I had 25% discount on my art...
  8. cookie273uk

    Done it

    Yes Alberta, I have seen that view of Toby and me on Street view, our house is 6 doors down on the right. Toby as been gone a year last Feb so you must have seen me with Elsa by the river, you should have given us a shout. Eric
  9. cookie273uk

    Done it

    I shall have been retired 26 years this June and have never been bored or short of things to do, looking after house and small garden, walking my dog 4 times a day, visiting my daughter and sisters but most of all watercolour painting and exhibiting all over the country, although I no longer...
  10. cookie273uk

    It’s Frothblower’s birthday !

    Happy Birthday Frothy and many more to come. Eric
  11. cookie273uk

    Rose Villa Tavern

    Claire, I have painted many of Birmingham's pubs including the Rose Villa Tavern, attached
  12. cookie273uk

    Elmdon Airport

    David, I have always flew from Birmingham because I only live 3 miles away, apart from once from Heathrow and once from East Midlands. Eric
  13. cookie273uk

    Elmdon Airport

    Vivienne, MY late Wife and I actually flew from the old/original airport in the late 70's to Tunisia, no airbridges then you had to walk to the aircraft a Boeing 727 I think. I don't know when the new part opened, perhaps some one will enlighten me. Eric
  14. cookie273uk

    Elmdon Airport

    I vaguely remember being at the opening of the Airport in 1939 as a 9 year old child, my father worked for Bryant's the main contractors for building the airport and all employees and their family's where invited to the opening. Eric
  15. cookie273uk

    It’s Banjo’s birthday !

    Many Happy returns Banjo. Eric
  16. cookie273uk

    Elmdon Airport

    I notice 2 Avro Lancasters parked there, I wonder what the were doing there. Eric
  17. cookie273uk

    Census 2021

    some people received forms, other just a letter, I received just a letter with a 16 digit code, so I filled it in on line, I found it very simple. I received an email confirming they had received the completed census, this was last Thursday 17th
  18. cookie273uk

    Intrusive adverts

    Jonob, down loaded Adblock Plus, no adverts in last hour. Thanks. Eric
  19. cookie273uk

    Intrusive adverts

    2 days ago I started receiving numerous adverts on bottom RH corner of my screen, almost continuous, is there any way I can stop them ? Norton and McFee are the commonest. I have done a full scan with my anti virus (McFee) but to no effect' Eric
  20. cookie273uk


    Vivienne, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Eric