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  1. John Young

    Steelhouse Lane

    Hi & welcome SPGSOB, Best to post your 1841/51 censii (just the initial letters & numbers ) then Mikejee & others will assist you to throw more light on your quest, Best regards John Y
  2. John Young


    Irene, Michael Spillane born Battersea 1931 mother maiden; Power on freeBMD site other best guess is Mickey Spillane , American(Author) born 1918 though , lol
  3. John Young


    Hi Onceabrummie ( always a brummie Grosvenor Street West is still there near the new Sea Life Centre (Broad Street are ) off Ryland street AA Route finder on Comp ok, Mercury (jewelry cleaning) & Arsenic just two of the many noxious substances used & metal plating (Epns & other metals)...
  4. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    Hi Alan ( Astonian ) thanks for your reply & good luck to your son in double loft searches, Hopefully the Photo(s) of Arthur Jelfs & brother will turn up& I can collect to pass on to the Commemoration Foundation in Giessenlanden ( Nr Rotterdam ) Netherlands. Your name will be mentioned...
  5. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    Hello again Alan (Astonian) & thanks for your most welcomed post,, No apology required for time elapsed & I wish you improvements in your present health circumstances, Hope your son gets a bit of time to "mooch" through your loft & no doubt a treasure trove of photos & Contact me...
  6. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    Astonian (Alan ), Please reply to Post & / or message(s) sent re "Photo" of Arthur Jelfs & Brother, Thanks John Any other members with info / photo(s) as described in 1st posting are most welcome to respond, Thanks John
  7. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    Hi Alan ( Astonian ) In regard to your earlier post mentioning a Photo of Arthur & his brother,, I have sent you a message but you are most welcome to reply on line if easier, , Again many thanks, , John Y
  8. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    Hi Astonian (Alan) thanks for your response & I shall contact you off line this weekend, Also thanks to Old Boy (Chris) for messaged assistance & added information in this quest, My family connection via my Gt Uncle Ernest Young & wife Elsie E Jelfs (Arthurs sister) thanks & regards John Y
  9. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    A commemorative remembrance society in Giessenland (Holland) is looking for a Photo RAF or Civvy for Arthur kia shot down on their patch 1943, any Jelfs &/or relatives (by marriage etc)get the old photos out & check Ok. Arthur born 1914 B,ham son of James Jelfs & Jessie (Fanny) Taylor & husband...
  10. John Young

    R.I.P Dennis

    RIP Dennis with condolences to Family & friends, Sincere regards John Y
  11. John Young


    Hi Stars, Adding to Wendy's good advice you could also try www.dfhs.org.uk/ Derbyshire Family History Society These Society's in every Region /Shire are always most helpful in assisting a search for one of "theirs", And for your interest Canal Street, Derby, is very central near the...
  12. John Young

    111-120 Icknield Street, soon to be demolished

    Hi Paul, And yes, it is sad to see the last few Shops so representative of earlier bustling times fall into decline to finally fall taking their slice of the famous "Icknield Street's" history with them. There was *the best of times, the worst of times* as in most Major City's...
  13. John Young

    Non-combatants WW1 oral histories (BMAG)

    Vivienne, a thoughtful & interesting posting, The "non-combatants" certainly did their "bit" & thoroughly deserve their place in our History (& our Hearts)
  14. John Young

    The Old Crown Pub, Lichfield Rd

    Thanks mikejee for the 1903 info & horsencart for your help for me on this topic. I now have my Charles placed in an accurate time frame leaving "pub" to Farm Street years Cheers M8's Yes mikejee I too was amazed (disappointed) at the actual "gaps" in Kelly's books (years) at New Library...
  15. John Young

    The Old Crown Pub, Lichfield Rd

    Hi, is the 1903 Kelly's available to Forum members for a "Look up please" the 1903 Kelly's is advertised on this site,, there isn't a 1903 on shelf in B,ham Library. I am still trying to find if Charles Young was the Publican at The Old Crown 304 Lichfield Rd. 1903 Thanks John Y
  16. John Young

    need help to translate a old 1688 Birmingham document

    Hi again Toecaps, Following on from the brilliant work of our friend Morturn (well done) may I suggest that you contact the Family History Society in Norfolk as they will be most interested in your document. The genealogists there, some no doubt with history including such great names as...
  17. John Young

    Pte Harry Cooke, No. 36462 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Honourable discharge

    Hi Pam & welcome to site, There is a Website called Service Personnel & Veterans Agency that may have info to help you and a Veterans-UK Helpline on 0808 1914218 that also may be a good place to ask. Good Luck John Y
  18. John Young

    Teresa mathews....

    Welcome chrissyboop Best to put a bit more information about your Sister then you will get more folks search & answer Ok is Teresa Mathews her maiden name or married name ? (You said name now ?) Name of her (your ) parents would be helpful , Searching via Electoral Rolls is advised. Folks...
  19. John Young

    Condolences to our friend mikejee

    mikejee, condolences , respect & bloke hug adding to Astoness & other Friends on site.
  20. John Young

    The Old Crown Pub, Lichfield Rd

    Horsencart thanks for the update on info, So a Henry Smith was Publican at "The Old Crown" pub at 304 Litchfield Road by 1904 is the 1903 Kelly's listing Henry Smith in 1903 ? (Site does not state having 1902 Kelly's) I shall check Electoral Rolls for 1902. Trying to pin down the Time...