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  1. Nico

    Tailors' Quarter in Birmingham

    Can anyone tell me if there was a Tailors' Quarter/Clothing Industry Quarter/Jewish, prefixing both of these, please? In my birth family search it comes up in conversation. Possibly around Sherlock Street or Ashted Row as they came up.
  2. Nico

    "Telegraph People" midland sports writing

    This is not a Newspaper but someone might tell me where to put it. I was given a book by John Lamb called Telelgraph People. He was a sports writer for the Coventry Evening Telegraph, I really like it and though written from the early 50's it could have been me. It might interest your readers...
  3. Nico

    Nico's Poems

    Feline Friend The pitter-pat of feline feet, around the corner of my street, The soft lashed eyes and flaxen head, this feline is no quadruped. The slender limbs and torso taught, her elegant and lithe deport, A music strain almost a purr, mingled with her gaelic blur, Velvet lips, a smile...
  4. Nico

    Knowles & Co, Drapers

    Not sure where to put this post. Knowles & Co, Drapers of 132 New Street, in 1911 employed one of my relatives. Note the 1911 Census is FREE! on Ancestry for an undisclosed perid. My question is, does anyone know why the employees would have lived in as I understand that the census records where...
  5. Nico

    Market Hall District

    Can anyone tell me if Market Hall was a district in the parish of St Martins or would it have been The Market Hall, as er 1911 Census? Nico
  6. Nico

    1918 National Insurance Stamp

    I have a copy of a 1918 transaction document which bears a 6d National Insurance Stamp with signatures over it. I have looked at pictures of 6d stamps of that period but they are not the same. Mine has a crown on it. I would like to know what the stamp was for and why it was a National...
  7. Nico

    Nan's Proverbs

    I don't know if these are well known proverbs or just my Nan's proverbs but as I just got a hair in my mouth I recalled her saying Hair in me mouth I'm gooin to get drunk. Moon on it's back, rain in its lap I'll 'ave te goo an 'fess cuz arve ayte faggots on a Friday. (Nan was C of E, High church...
  8. Nico

    Occupations That Have Faded Away

    Eeya then! As no one wants to start the thread. Yes I remember clippies. My grandad drove a bus in Coventry when he came from Stourbridge. The buses had screw in lightbulbs and the bell was on a wire, you got on at the back. Sometimes the smell inside of fumes made me feel sick now its usually...
  9. Nico

    Social Clubs and WMC's

    Talking about the RAOB club (The Buffs) with Lyn, made me recall the hoards of different clubs I was taken along to with my parents. The different Tradesmen's clubs and social clubs. We had The Tradeshall, Brassworkers, AEU, TGWU, Busmans, Roots, all the Car Factories, Howitzers, Navy, Quadrant...
  10. Nico

    Games We Used To Play

    At school from 1961 till mid 70's when we were prevented from playing by the teachers, (had to walk and talk) what games did you play in and out of school and when was that? Paul says he played chace the Ace with his dad. The girls in my class had very long pieces of joined up elastic and they...
  11. Nico

    Unusual Pub Names

    I have tried to search to no avail. So, as Carolina mentioned Bell End, my ex Brummy colleague bought a hotel call The Bell, his colleagues call it the Bell End. Nan used to go on about The Labour In Vain in Stourbridge and the sign that went with it. Not nice or politically correct, it doesn't...
  12. Nico

    Garages And Service Stations

    Prompted by Radio 2 again, the government might count Service Stations as listed buildings so they had a debate. I liked the very old ones. There used to be one round the corner a tiny garage with one pump. My favourite I think is on the crossroads at Much Marcle. Are there any old garages left...
  13. Nico

    Learning To Count

    How did you learn to count? I was prompted by Jeremy Vine show radio 2 how children learn or don't learn to read. At school we had 10 types of coloured pieces of wood kitkat size all different colours, ! was white, 1o was blacl 7 pink maybe etc and you put them in multiples on your black piece 7...
  14. Nico

    My Nan's sayings

    Hope I got this thread thing right. Anyway did any of you experience some of these sayings? My nan was Black country. I have only put the clean ones in as well, Spiffin Its me ommer ond Going to Tip'n run (for Tipton) Canking (someone has heard of this before) gossiping in the street a mon...