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  1. John Young

    JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

    A commemorative remembrance society in Giessenland (Holland) is looking for a Photo RAF or Civvy for Arthur kia shot down on their patch 1943, any Jelfs &/or relatives (by marriage etc)get the old photos out & check Ok. Arthur born 1914 B,ham son of James Jelfs & Jessie (Fanny) Taylor & husband...
  2. John Young

    The Old Crown Pub, Lichfield Rd

    Hi , Could I please have a look up for a Charles Young, Publican at the Old Crown Pub, 304 Lichfield Rd, Aston Manor hopefully in 1902 & 1903 ? He was there in 1901 (Census) but I know he died 17th June 1904 at 110 Farm St, B19 Old family rumour that he had an accident on holiday Isle...
  3. John Young

    Cheaper or Free BMD Certificates ?

    Hi Folks Have not bought B,M or D certificates for years & aware that the costs have soared :frown: A friend recently told me that there is a way of "getting copies" from Library instead of paying for a full certificate Could anybody elaborate further on the truth ( or not ) of this ...
  4. John Young

    The Admirable Admiral

    " I am, I am thinking, therefore I am extant", that exhorted thought projected as a voice yet having no voice it will just have to suffice as too busy now being cognisant. This racing inner space nearing ninth instar mere parsecs beyond the Ice so shudder, shiver sensing locate, vacate...
  5. John Young

    Butchers Shop 65 Lichfield Rd 1871-74

    George MAY was the owner/butcher & head of household on 1871 Census at 65 Lichfield Road, Aston juxta Birmingham in them thar olde days but he is described as Deceased on his daughter Catherine's marriage cert Nov 1st 1873 so I would like to know ?, A/ who took over the Butchers Shop & B/ where...
  6. John Young

    Falklands not forgotten Today

    Hi to our friends in Our Falkland Isles & our loving respect to our Fallen. I,m not an admirer of our present P M but he did come out with a lovely Quote in today,s Mail on Sunday, Quote ; "The white smoke over the Falklands was pretty clear ", This in support of the Islanders fantastic...
  7. John Young

    Bolton Road Small Heath Social/Working Man's Club?

    Can anyone recall a Social or Working Man's club on Bolton Road in Small Heath ? Did it have a "nick name ?" some thing like "The Lanes" and if so,,why called so ? Thanks in advance, John:cupcake:
  8. John Young

    BYARD James Marries MORGAN Alice Edith 1899

    James Byard b1880 marries Alice (Edith preferred) Morgan b1879 Herefordshire Marriage & other Byard + Morgan families in Birmingham (Aston/Hockley/Hansworth) Contacts & enquiries welcomed,, regards John Y
  9. John Young

    The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

    The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, by Robert Tressell , 100 years ago, All has changed yet nothing changes, Orwellian yet originally brilliant, a great book. :untroubled: John Y
  10. John Young

    1871 Charles Young,Warks or N,hants?

    Request for cross-checking re-searching my GGgrandaddy Charles Young :) born 1849 +/- 1 Definite (Certified) from 1873 marriage & Up through 1881/91/1901 & Elec Rolls Problem being i can,t locate him on 1871,, (Or 1861, 1851,, want 1871 1st ) His 1881 Census is RG11/3045 Folio 28 page 10 @...
  11. John Young

    Always innocents who Cop it

    Yet another saddening tale :( Bethnal Green this morning a lady in a small Corsa dies & others injured, WHY :shocked: Because the Police switched on "Blues n Twos", after a "suss" Mercedes,, who promptly fled & smashed into the Corsa,,, How many times does this scenerio repeat Eh! Stop the...
  12. John Young

    Countrywide DNA ? for or against ???

    DNA ,, to be or not to be,,,Todays News & Political/Police Hot topic :cool: Without encroaching, infringement or treading on anyones toes from Civil Liberties, invasion of privacy etc, etc :) Its pretty obvious that if "most" of the inhabitants of a Country had their DNA information on a...
  13. John Young

    Rolfe in Handsworth, B,ham

    ROLFE family of Newcombe Road ,Handsworth, B,ham 1916 to 1960,s John J Rolfe & Wife Elsie A (Young-maiden) married 1916 Son a James Rolfe 1918c Jessie Rolfe (sister of above) married a Gilbert Young( brother of above) married in 1919 at St James Church, Handsworth, Son a Gilbert Young born...
  14. John Young

    Genealogy+ Dna, the Future

    In addittion to Family "tree" researching the relatively(s,cuse pun) :redface: New methodology as a researching tool is the rapidly expanding field of Genetic exploration/ scientific discoveries of "Our Genes",,, ??? The male Ydna & female mtDna being rapidly now, unravelled further. This...
  15. John Young

    Vaughan Aston/B,ham 1880-1940

    Any VAUGHAN relatives or possibles welcome to enquiries, Margaret Vaughan married to John Howell 1880,s of most interest Thanks & best regards J Y
  16. John Young

    Red Crown , 304 Lichfield Rd, Aston

    Hi Folks ;) Thanks for the 1892 & 1897 Kelly,s information ( Rod supplied) 08-13-2004 to "Esther" (My little sister ) request of 08-12-2004 re GG,Grandfather Charles Young, Beer Retailer @ 304 Lichfield Rd, Aston Manor.(also on 1901 census, Family certificates are held. Further research...
  17. John Young

    Howell family, Aston/Small Heath 1850-present

    Any Howell of B,ham 1850,s to now are wecome to contact :) Starter for 10, :coolsmiley: James HOWELL born 28th Feb 1877 @ Belmont Passage, Aston Father a John Howell & Mother a Mary Howell (Maiden SANKEY) Another son a John Thomas HOWELL born 2nd March 1884 @ 27 Duddeston Row Linked names of...
  18. John Young

    McGANN family Aston/Small Heath/1880-2006

    Any McGANN interests in & around Birmingham Early 1900,s to Present, Welcomed :) Marriage as starter,, Henry McGANN age 22 Cycle Worker of 7 Mountford Street Married Amelia Gertrude HARRISON age 19 @ St Johns Church ,Sparkhill Dec 23rd 1906 Other Surnames linked to McGANN,s are,,HOWELL...
  19. John Young

    MORGAN family Hockley/B,ham from Hereford

    Hi & introducing My MORGAN family, TOWER Street & Summer Lane 1880,s- 1970,s Originated from Herefordshire in 1800 came into B,ham areas around 1850,s Any MORGAN researchers most welcome to contact anytime,, Cheers John Y (Mom a Morgan) Known Marriages.Contacts are;BLOUNT/Blunt...
  20. John Young

    YOUNG Family, Aston & Summer Lane

    Hi All Listers & "Tree" builders ;) The YOUNG,s originated from Higham Ferrers , Northamptonshire from around 1790,s Arrived in Aston around 1860,s, Lichfield Rd ,mainly the Pubs (Hic ::)) Several offshoots Bros & Sis,s went posh end of Summer Lane, Cowper Street 1900,s So anyone researching or...