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  1. Steve R

    Birmingham Police strike 1919

    Hello all The West Midlands police museum have released their latest book to commemorate 100 years since the police strike. Very few people are aware that the officer went on strike but at the beginning of August 1919, 120 Birmingham policemen went on strike - joined by officers from London and...
  2. Steve R

    Hydraulic power network

    I am trying to get some information on the 'Hydraulic power network' that used to be in Birmingham. To be honest I had never heard of it until last Monday when we had a specialist attend our building to look at a Dumb Waiter that had been discovered hidden behind boards for the last few decades...
  3. Steve R

    CONDITION RED: AIR RAID IMMINENT -Policing Birmingham during world war II

    Hello I thought I would let you know about the latest offering from the West Midlands police museum. We have now launched our next book, the title explains it all. Many new and previously unseen pictures from the police archives together with very interesting information from police orders and...
  4. Steve R

    Steelhouse Lane Lock Up Visit

    Hello all Just to let you know that the West Midlands Police museum volunteers will be opening up the lock-up to visitors once again. The date is Saturday the 9th December. This will be the last open day for 2017. An ideal opportunity to visit this Victorian building with many of it's original...
  5. Steve R

    Canterbury Road Police Station

    Hello all. At very short notice the volunteers have been given the go ahead to have an open day at Canterbury Road Police station. The building has been around since 1904 and has now been emptied as it is due to be sold as part of the estates reduction. The event will be on Friday 24th November...
  6. Steve R

    Police Roll Of Honour

    I am currently working on the roll of honour for police officers that have died on duty over the years. There are still 42 photographs/picture of officers that the Police museum doesn't have. If there are any members that can assist please PM me. Some date back to the late 1800's through to the...
  7. Steve R

    The Miles Family

    I am searching for descendants of Walter and Evelyn Miles. The family 0riginate from Gloucester in the 1860's and eventually resided in Birmingham. They adopted a son, George Radway-Miles and a daughter Winifred. Walter was a Police Sergeant in the Birmingham City Police and Evelyn has the...
  8. Steve R

    Early Police Women

    The first Police women in Birmingham were recruited in 1917. The first two were recruited from the 'lock up' for the Victoria Law Courts. I am collating information on these for the Police museum and booklet to be released next year to coincide with the 100th anniversary. We have some...
  9. Steve R

    World War 1 Photo Requests

    Hello Forum I will be visiting the Somme battlefields twice over the next month. If any of you out there would like a photograph of a military grave or memorial for a relative that died please send me a private message with details such as Name Rank Regiment (if known) and cemetery if known. I...
  10. Steve R

    Pc David Brown

    I am doing some research into PC David Brown. He was a member of the Birmingham City Police force. He died in service in 1974 and I am hoping that some of you members may be able to provide additional information or give me some family contact details. Steve R
  11. Steve R

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    When the first World War broke out it was obvious to the Military chiefs that whilst Britain almost certainly had the best professional army in the world made up entirely of volunteers it was far to small to fight a European War with many nations involved. Many city's decided to raise a 1000...