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  1. J

    Battery low, being locked out.

    Could anyone offer advice with this problem please? When I open my computer a message appears telling me my battery is low and to plug it in. The battery is fully charged so does not need plugging in. When I click on the message to close it, it locks me out of the computer. I suspect it might...
  2. J

    Help please, if you can

    Would anyone be able to improve this photo of my wife? She is aged three in the photo but can't remember where it was taken. Thank you in advance. Everyone just stay safe and take care.
  3. J

    Ghosting on Videos

    Would anyone know why when someone send me a video the picture keep breaking up and a greenish ghosting effect disrupts the video? Thank you all in advance PS I have not altered any of my settings. PPS how do you increase the volume? Some are so quiet I can't hear them.
  4. J

    Microsoft Scam (not The Real Microsoft)

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this as it is more of an ask for advice. My father in law who is 97 has had a man supposedly from Microsoft phone him several times informing him he has a virus on his laptop. He asks him to work through a series of exercises to eliminate the said...
  5. J

    Another One Bites The Dust!

    Today is a sad day for all of us who used Northfield Swimming Baths and Leisure Centre. It closes tonight ready to be demolished and replaced by ------- a Swimming Baths and Leisure Centre!!! Too costly to renovate but not too costly to demolish and start again??? This is an establishment I...
  6. J

    Tower Street Newtown

    Would/could anyone help with cleaning up this photo of my wife when she was a toddler. It was taken at 2/37 Tower Street, she thinks about 1946. As you can see there is a message welcoming Mick home from the War, and the lady in the photo, Mrs Horsley, was know to everyone as auntie Annie, she...
  7. J

    The Phillips's

    I will be attempting to post some photos of my wife's side of the family " The Phillips's". I have tried to identify as many as possible along with dates, but should any forum member have insight/knowledge into any of the photos please feel free to add to them. This first one is a family...
  8. J

    "Pop up box"

    Is anyone else experiencing a "pop up box" appearing on the left hand side of the screen each time they look at any of the forum posts? I tried to log on and received a message telling me it was not allowed and to contact an administrator which I have explaining the problem about the "pop up...
  9. J

    Help and Information please

    Could anyone help with information on my aunts husband Herbert Harry Barnes Military Record. He was born in India, the son of a serving soldier in 1899. His Army information that have is: Military number/s 44367, Hampshire Regiment, 45923, Royal Berkshire Regiment, 64636, Royal...
  10. J

    Information or help please

    Could anyone offer help or advice concerning a Toshiba Satellite -12P using Windows 8, and an Epson Stylus SX215. My father in law has been trying to connect these two pieces of kit both wirelessly and direct connection but is having no success at all. Is it possible to connect them using...
  11. J

    Printer connection.

    HELP!!! Can anyone offer any advice on how to get my Toshiba Laptop connected to my Printer? I have an Epson Stylus SX400 Printer which I have a wired connection to my PC, which is in the bedroom upstairs, Laptop in the kitchen. I have been trying to connect the printer to my Laptop with a...
  12. J

    The Shop that stands on a Bob

    Help!! am I dreaming, delusional, or just plain daft. Can anyone remember a shop with the name "The Shop that stands on a Bob"? I'm certain there was such a shop but the wife says I must be quite barmy. If my memory serves me right it was somewhere around Aston. Any info will be much...