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    Midland Bank Bennetts Hill, Bham

    Hello all, would anyone have any old bank (inside) pictures of the Midland Bank on Bennetts Hill? There are plenty of exterior pics, but no interior ones when it was a bank. Thanking you, Mike.
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    Selly Oak Hospital, Raddlebarn Road documented - over 300 images (external website)

    I was given access to the site over two days with permission from University Hospitals Birmingham and Coleman & Co. demolition group. Selly Oak Hospital started life as King's Norton Union Workhouse in 1872. Departments started to move from the site in 2010 into the new QE super hospital...
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    Birmingham Institute Of Art & Design (biad) Gosta Green

    [Photos added at the bottom!] Hello all, it has been a while since I have been here, but after a few hours of searching on the net I have come up with less than 4 lines of sketchy history of the Gosta Green Art & Design University that was once owned by BCU (UCE) but now owned by Aston Uni. I...
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    Birmingham Central Library 2010 Pictures

    Birmingham Central Library is one of the best buildings in Birmingham imo, its cold grey exterior hides an amazing architectural layout inside. I suppose it is a ‘Marmite’ building, some people love it and others hate it, well I love it and it will be a shame to see it go. The Library will be...
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    Dudley Hippodrome (Pictures) - November 2010.

    It's been a while since I have been on here but I though people would appreciate the pictures I took today of the old Dudley Hippodrome that was later used by Gala Bingo until it closed down a few years back. It is located virtually next door (on the same side of the road as) Dudley Zoo...
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    Vale Onslow Motor Cycles - Stratford Rd - Documentary Pictures

    Some important notes that I must say: This is a working shop, it is still trading and open to the public, the owners gave me permission to document the workshops and trade area as well as everything else. The owners would not like other people coming in asking if they can take pictures, so...
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    New Series of Survivors, Mostly filmed in Birmingham, Starts 12th Jan 2010

    The new series of the BBC drama series 'Survivors' will start soon on the 12th of January. Included in the series are film locations such as the Central Fire Station (they went there before I visited it), The old Central TV studios, they mocked up to re-create a Manchester hospital and the...
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    Central Fire Station Hq

    (Edit. Please note there is a thread aboutBirmingham local fire stations here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/birmingham-fire-stations.40800/page-3) Edit. Unfortunately the images referred to below are no longer available. Got permission to take pictures of this place...
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    Lucas Factory, Shaftmoor Lane Site, Demolition Pics...

    Thanks goes out to Jackie Hill for organising this visit (I shall get a CD of images out to you ASAP) The last time I was here it was nearly 2 months ago, and it was a complete (though stripped and bare) factory and all walls standing. When I was walking around, I asked the site manager if he...
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    The Palladium Cinema - Hockley

    Hello everyone, I live near the Hockley flyover at soho hill and I always go past the Palladium in its sorry state. Does anyone have any background information on it (also when it opened or closed) and it would be really nice if anyone has got any internal pictures of it in use. Does anyone...