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  1. gingerjon

    information about industry

    another interesting site regarding industry https://www.igg.org.uk/gansg/12-linind/012-index.htm#gasele
  2. gingerjon

    railway information

    Here is a good read about railways and its works https://www.igg.org.uk/gansg/index.htm#bash
  3. gingerjon

    addmission to Aston Hall

    Addmission charges to come into force April 01 2011 and other buildings https://birminghamnewsroom.com/2011/03/community-museum-charges/
  4. gingerjon

    Aston Roll of Honour 1914 -1918

    Any one researching Aston for Aston forces killed in action click on link below this list was compiled by John Colin https://www.astonbrook-through-astonmanor.co.uk/Roll-of-Honour
  5. gingerjon

    New look

    Looking for help I have just finished the new look www.handsworthhistory.co.uk site would like a feed back and some input from members stories and photographs new and old, any input would be appreciated you can e-mail me or message me. Would like to thank Mike Ingram and Jamal from Nibs...
  6. gingerjon

    Unsung Heroes

    This is John Cox who you may ask who, he is the person who really saved the Town Hall He stood in the rain the snow collecting thousands of signatures to save the town Hall, he asked people with power to help him and was told he was wasting his time, and as you know know it was not all in vain...
  7. gingerjon

    census area index

    this might help you in census area searches
  8. gingerjon

    Policing Birmingham

    I have a book of the title above by John Reilly ( Chief inspector) An account of 150 years of police in Birmingham ISBN 0 9515152 0 9 Quote To the memory of every Police Officer who ever walked the streets of Birmingham in the freezing cold of a winters night; especially to every such...
  9. gingerjon

    Heartlands History

    Any one who as lost contact with Heartlands History follow this link as Heartlands are linked to this site https://www.stjosephs-nechells.co.uk/
  10. gingerjon

    conducters badges

    My Mom was a bus conductoress at Hockley depot circa 1940's does any one know what would be on the badge they had to wear (letters & numbers)
  11. gingerjon

    newspapers for research

    Here is a link to research from newspapers, News and Photographs there is a fee involved if you find what you are looking for https://3400.e-printphoto.co.uk/bpm/index.cfm?z=z&action=cat&c_id=110479
  12. gingerjon

    Walter Collins and the Beet family

    Can any one help with this request from Joan Foster. Hi John, I am not sure whether you will be able to help me in my quest but here goes! Do you know where or how I may be able to find anyone who lived in Gt Russell Street in 1937? I am interested to find someone who may remember a tragedy...
  13. gingerjon


    an unusual a picture within a picture I wonder if the photographer realised he had taken this reflected scene look at the window close up at Lacey's
  14. gingerjon

    Release of 1945/6 Birmingham Electoral Register

    Midlands Historical Data Newsletter of 11 March 2009 Release of 1945/6 Birmingham Electoral Register ______________________________________________ 1. Release of 1945/6 Bimingham Electoral Register We have today released the 1945/6 Birmingham Electoral Register. The qualifying date for the...
  15. gingerjon

    John Hopton

    looking for John and Ann Hopton 1861 where born what ages please
  16. gingerjon

    Winson Green by Ted Rudge

    This is Ted Rudges book of Winson Green more details to follow regarding obtaing this copy
  17. gingerjon

    Williams Barry

    Would any one have any information regarding the Williams family from No 3 Parliament Street Aston It is believed Barry Williams went to live in Leicester, Barry also had two sisters who may have stayed in Birmingham they would have moved late 1950's or early 1960's
  18. gingerjon

    1861 look up if possible

    John Fox bricklayer ot labourer age not known or where born Mary Fox about about 35 years Moate Westmeath Ireland some censuses it say Birmingham Mary Fox about 6 years area believe to be Aston
  19. gingerjon

    Middlemore Emigration Homes

    this true story is a look at the past through the memories of a person who was there Mary thanks to Gwyneth MARY JANE DARK, NEE GEE - 1870-1956 My grandmother, Mary but often known as Polly, was born on l2th October l870 at back 96 Icknield Square, Birmingham, daughter of William Gee, porter...
  20. gingerjon

    aston x

    would health and safety allow this today getting on and off trams in the middle of the road