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    Stuffed Whale.

    If I remember correctly, the whale was preserved with chemicals and a chilling system. There was a very noisy generator parked alongside it that provided the power for the refrigeration unit. I think by the time it reached Birmingham it was past its sell-by date as it was distinctly smelly!
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    If no one else can give you any easier advice, one option would be to un-install the printer and then reinstall it. One of the support files may have been corrupted and needs to be mended. Click on Printer in Control Panel, right click on the icon for your printer and select Delete (or...
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    Can anyone place this photo?

    The photograph must pre-date the start of WWII because I can remember the Fox & Goose from when I was a small child immediately after the war. Even then there was a roundabout at the cross roads, and this is not shown in the picture. It looks as though the photograph was taken from some...
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    Kindle Users

    Yes, I use Calibre. It will allow you to find and purchase a book by any e-publisher in the world and will convert it to run in the format that your e-reader uses (including the Kindle and Kobo). I was looking for a book that was not on the Amazon list, used Calibre, found it on an...
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    Brick paved street

    A couple of years ago there was a similar thread on this forum, but not referring to this particular magazine article. Many people mentioned the rubber bricks that were used for the road serface in the Minories, the road spanned by the Lewis's "bridge".
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    Left handed rifle

    Slightly changing the subject, so excuse me please for that, my wife is left handed amd bemoans the gadgets that work well for right handed people but not lefties - such as, surprisingly to us righties, a serrated bread knife - hence we always have sliced bread. I thought she had finally...
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    Cannot see gadgets on my desktop THEREFORE CANNOT OPEN THEM. AlsoBBC I player problem

    Re: Cannot see gadgets on my desktop THEREFORE CANNOT OPEN THEM. AlsoBBC I player pro The simplest answer then, will be to do a System Restore as suggested earlier. You will lose the printer installation but if it restores your gadgets, you will know the reason for sure. You can then try the...
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    Cannot see gadgets on my desktop THEREFORE CANNOT OPEN THEM. AlsoBBC I player problem

    Re: Cannot see gadgets on my desktop THEREFORE CANNOT OPEN THEM. AlsoBBC I player pro I don't know why you have lost your gadgets, but here is how to restart them. Click on Start Button Click on All Programs CLick on Accessories Clicl on Windows Sidebar For more info on the sidebar /...
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    Explorer Update nightmare.

    If you have System Restore enabled and can find a Restore Point earlier than when your computer went wrong, it will put you back to the position you were in before you downloaded the update. You can then download Service Pack 2 - or 3 preferably - and then let the computer do the update again...
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    Cut Throat Razors

    My grandfather also used a cut throat razor well into the 1950's but I only remember my father using a safety razor. I remember that he used to re-use his safety razor blades by resharpening them. He would take the blade out of the razor and rub it along a thick piece of bright red glass that...
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    Hardware Shops

    My father owned a shop like that in the 1950's on Alum Rock Road, opposite the Capitol Cinema. He had a huge stock of bits and pieces and an enormous shed at the rear that was just stacked with all the knickknacks that old-fashioned ironmongers kept in those days. The shed was about 40 feet...
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    Printer Ink

    You can often tell the quality of printer inks by printing a black and white text document onto good quality paper speecifically made for inkjet printers. If you look at the text under a magnifying glass, the edges of the letters should be crisp and clear, not smudged by the ink "creeping"...
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    saltley secondary school

    I attended Saltley Grammar School in the early-mid 1950's and can confirm that the photographs are of that school, in Belchers Lane. I did not know that one of the quadrangles was hit by a WW2 bomb - I started there in 1950 and there was no sign of it then, although some of the classrooms were...
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    Printer Ink

    Have a look at 7dayshop.com. I use them regularly for Epson compatible cartridges and find them cheap, but with good quality.
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    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

    I first went to see the CBSO in the late 1950's and the principal conductor was Rudolph Shwarz - so he must have been succeeded by Hugo Rignold - I never realized that "Jennifer" (as she was always known by on Children's TV) was his daughter.
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    Adobe reader

    Saying "... trying to register its copy as an autorun startup object" means that the program is trying to put an entry in your Start Up folder so that when you initially start each session of Windows, then the Adobe Reader is loaded into memory ready to be instantly called up when needed. Your...
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    Alum Rock - Capitol Cinema

    Hi Astonian My father had one of the shops (an ironmongers) opposite the Capitol Cinema (1938-ish to 1956) and he sold it to your wealthy builder friend. The builder (A.F.?) had a builders yard at the back of the shops and my father owned the lock-up garages that adjoined it. The purchase gave...
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    I remember as a boy being sent by my parents to the local chemist to get a purgative which they called "Settler's Powders". The chemist wouldn't sell it to me and insisted that an adult came for it. He said they were too dangerous. My father went and got it. When I saw the packet, which was...
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    Fleur-de-Lys pies

    A strange coincidence but ---- I've just been shopping at my local Sainsbury's and they have Pukka Pies on offer at the price of 2 for £2. Have bought six!
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    Look ups on this forum.

    I agree with all that has been said. I have no direct interest in genealogy but check "Today's Posts" regularly. I too have noticed how many more Look-up requests are appearing. I don't read them myself but I am surprised to learn that some requesters do not show common courtesies when making...