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  1. philcarr

    Yardley Wood

    I was caretaker at highters heath school in the late 60s, also had many a drink at yardley wood social. happy days.
  2. philcarr


    it might have been a old consul when he went round his cafes to get his rent with Penny, but it was some much better going at weekends.
  3. philcarr


    i lived at 174 eastfield rd, i also went to alston rd, i also worked lawtons doris rd,i think bernard may remember me?
  4. philcarr

    136 Cattell Rd by Marquis of Lorne

    The tram is going is going into town, on the right of the tram is were my gran had a shop, i worked at lawtons in doris rd and would at dinner break get chips and gran would get the stew we share a feast fit for a king . That was in the early 40s.good days & NOISY NIGHTS.
  5. philcarr

    Yardley Wood

    what about yardley wood soc,club,or highter heath school?
  6. philcarr

    The Richmond pub on Richmond Rd.

    november 1940.
  7. philcarr


    I worked at Houses the bakery in muntz st that would be in the early 40s, i also did some nights at Wimbushes in the 50s,i also made use of the baths at green lane in the 40s,we also went to the swimming there, happy days.
  8. philcarr

    Birmingham Amateur Football Teams

    I played for a midland red side that lost 12-1.
  9. philcarr

    Birmingham Amateur Football Teams

  10. philcarr

    Birmingham Amateur Football Teams

    I also played for the B S A for a short time and also for the Middland Red , happy days.
  11. philcarr

    Birmingham Amateur Football Teams

    In the late 40s &early 50s we played cards at the Sydenham pub,it was inconnection with Willmot&breeden football team.We had e good team and some good lads playing for us, great days...
  12. philcarr

    Birmingham Amateur Football Teams

    I was at Southalls in the early 50s,i was making paper hankerchieves and lue rolls. We would work eight hour shifts.
  13. philcarr

    Stechford and Rover Home Guard, the Alex and December 7th 1941

    i was on the ack ack at lea hall, we did nights on the rockets,which fired two at a time.At that time i worked at lawtons in garrison lane .
  14. philcarr

    Stechford - The Village - Albert Road

    my wife & i brouht a pram for our first born in 53, we lived in eastfield rd et that time.
  15. philcarr

    Birmingham 1940

    Thanks Astonite E.B.i was in the home guard from 42.I served the rocket firing guns at Lea hall. phil carr.
  16. philcarr

    Garrison Lane

    i worked at lawtons garrison lane in the fortys, it was the top end of garrison lane. It was a engineering firm,it also did zinc plating. phil carr.
  17. philcarr

    Back to The Blitz: The startling images that merge WWII bombings with modern images

    Re: Back to The Blitz: The startling images that merge WWII bombings with modern imag Can anyone tell me what was the total weight of bombs to fall on b,ham in ww2 blitz compared with other citys ? phil carr. i was there.
  18. philcarr

    Kingston Picture House

    i remember the kingston in the 40s, all so green lane swimming baths,also the washing baths we were glad to use them. phil carr
  19. philcarr

    Morris Commercial Vehicles

    i lost the end of one my fingers at the morris in 1941, my 2ed day at work, three days after leaving school at fourteen.if anyone finds it let me know
  20. philcarr

    Bordesley Green Doctors...

    i recall dr martin from his time at bordesley green east practice he was a great doctor.