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  1. lindyloo

    A Beautiful World...

  2. lindyloo

    St Mary's School Selly Oak

    Hi, I have this lovely old school photo, which was part of a collection given to me when my Mom's cousin passed away, but I know nothing about it or where it fits into the family tree....Any information about the school would be greatly appreciated ..thanks
  3. lindyloo

    A Promise kept to a Fallen Soldier 100 years on

    I read a wonderful story on Facebook today, written by a dear old school friend of mine, about two Birmingham Soldiers and she has kindly given me permission to share it here.... "This tiny book belonged to a soldier who was killed in WW1. That soldier's best friend and fellow soldier promised...
  4. lindyloo

    My Son's Charity Open Mic Night Dec 6th

    Hi Folks, My youngest son, Joe, runs an Open Mic Night every Thursday at my Brother and Sister-in-Laws Pub in Solihull. (The Harvester, Tanhouse Farm Road, off Old Lode Lane..not far from The Wheatsheaf) On Thursday 6th Dec, he is running the Open Mic as a Charity Night to raise funds for Marie...
  5. lindyloo

    4 bk 48 Arthur Street Help Please

    Hi All, Having seen a great photo on the 'Courtyards and Yards of Brum' thread, of the courtyard behind 54 Arthur Street, I was wondering if 4 bk 48, would have been part of that courtyard (my Great Grandad lived at 4 bk 48 in 1881) However, on checking the census, I feel that given the amount...
  6. lindyloo

    So Proud of my Son

    I'm just so chuffed and I want to share this....Tonight my youngest son, Joe, attended Jack Savoretti's gig at the HMV Institute in town..and he got the opportunity to sing on stage with Jack himself !!! ...he got great feedback too !!! Sooooo proud of you Son..as always...Just sorry I missed...
  7. lindyloo

    Yardley Road School Marlborough Road School

    Hi All, I have a copy of a letter of Reference, written by my Nan's headmaster, dated 17 April 1919. The letter, which refers to Nan's good character, is presumably on her leaving school and for the benefit of an employer. It gives the name as Yardley Road School,.. Upper Division and the...
  8. lindyloo

    Dorothy Annie COYNE, looking for descendants

    Hi, I am trying to find my Uncles missing family. He was born in 1939 to Dorothy Annie Coyne and was adopted by my Nan, a short time after. Dorothy as far as I can tell was born 30 Jan 1900 to John and Ellen Coyne. Her siblings in 1901 were possibly Frank, Harry, Herbert, Arthur, May and Edith...
  9. lindyloo

    Gt Grandad lived bk of 408 Coventry Road in 1901

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me please :) I've spent the evening trying to figure out where about on the Coventry Road, my Gt Grandad Frank Frederick Taylor and his family actually lived. I tried to work it out sometime ago and for some reason thought 408 was by Wordsworth Road/...
  10. lindyloo

    Mayfield Road, 1953, Long Shot !

    Hi :)...hope this is in the right place ? I am researching a family that lived for many years in Mayfield Road, Handsworth. In 1953, two of four sisters were buried in Key Hill on the same day in November. They were both in their 70's and had remained spinsters. Would anybody have any...
  11. lindyloo

    Edith Mary Hyde and Louisa Jane Hyde

    Hi, I hope I've put this in the right place ?? Trying to find sisters Edith Mary Hyde and Louisa Jane Hyde as close to 1953 as possible please. They were in Friston Street in 1911 with 2 other sisters, Nora(h) and Florence.. Many thanks :) Lynne
  12. lindyloo

    Engineering Students Visit To Tyseley Works 1963

    Does anyone recognise anybody in this photo ? It was Engineering Students from Garretts Green Tech on a visit to Tyseley Works, 26 June 1963. I only know one person on the photo. Yipppeeee!!! I think I've done it !! 3rd attempt !! or maybe not :(
  13. lindyloo

    On The Birth of your Daughter

    I wrote this for a friend on the birth of his first daughter.... A baby grows from Love to Love, A perfect gift from the Angels above, She’ll steal your heart and guide your life, Bring pure light to your darkest night, She’ll open your eyes to a world renewed Depend on you, need you...
  14. lindyloo

    Electoral Roll Look Up Please

    Hi, Would it be possible for someone to look up 39 Passey Road please. I believe Frank Moreton, wife Polly (or mary) and family where living there in 1924, but by 1939 they had moved to Cubley Road, Hall Green. My main interest is to see if there was an Elsie(Moxon or Moreton) with them as I...
  15. lindyloo

    Jack Savoretti

    I would like to recommend this young mans music.....he can be found on You Tube. His songs have been featured on two American TV series ..One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy and he has also had an airing on Eastenders..Two of his songs have also been used as film soundtracks. I hadn't heard of...
  16. lindyloo

    Can Anybody Help Improve This Please

    This photo may be beyond repair but I would be most grateful if someone could improve it for me.. Many Thanks in antisipation
  17. lindyloo

    14th December 1935 Birmingham?

    Please can anyone tell me what happened on 14th December 1935, probably in Birmingham, that would warrant a certificate being presented to an individual by "The Carnegie Hero Fund Trust" It was presented in "Recognition of Heroic Endeavour to Save Human Life". Many thanks Lindyloo