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  1. Kat7272

    Prince of Wales Pub, newspaper clippi g.

    The forum very kindly found me a newspaper clipping relating to the shooti g club that i cluded a Strawbridge. Please could you re post it i have lost it. Thankyou
  2. Kat7272

    How do I find info on a London Company?

    I am trying to find some information on a London company called Watts, Payne & Co. I can see that they are listed in a London post office directory up to 1915. I am trying to find an address and any other details on the history of the company. Payne, Watts and Co were listed as a Tailors in...
  3. Kat7272

    Birmingham Hidden Spaces - your experiences?

    I have just discovered Birmingham's Hidden Spaces website. Do they run organised tours of the disused buildings, health and safety permitting of course, or is it just a website.
  4. Kat7272

    Money!!!! - before decimalisation! Info needed please!

    Last week a ten shilling note was found in some old possessions. It's the first time I have actually handled a note from before decimalisation. Ok, that's nothing to write home about (or to the forum!), but it got me thinking about the money that my ancestors would have been using. Obviously...
  5. Kat7272

    Fried Fish Dealer?

    After doing some research on the Bristol relations from my tree, I came across a fried fish dealer. I assume this profession would relate to a fish and chip shop?
  6. Kat7272

    Where to find out how a street got its name?

    How could I find out where a Birmingham Street got it's name? Would it mean contacting the council?
  7. Kat7272

    Lauries International Club, Birmingham (central) 1997 - does anyone remember this club?

    Laurie Williams was in possession of a night club in 1997, sorry I am not sure of the street but it was in central Birmingham. It was a 1930's built car showroom that he bought and transformed into the first private members gay club in 1997, in time for the first gay pride event. Laurie...
  8. Kat7272

    Hockley Station 1854 to 1972, any pics or info on the station and the grade II listed cast iron urinal?

    My family lived in Hockley and I am trying to find out about the railway station. From what I can gather the Hockley railway station was opened in 1854 and closed in 1972. The railway station was re-opened (not at the identical original location) in 1997 on Vyse St and re-named the Jewellery...
  9. Kat7272

    Would DNA testing prove I was related to someone? Would we both do a swab?

    Thanks for the replies to my previous thread regarding DNA testing. Can anyone tell me if I could do a swab and a possible relation could also do a swab to see if we are related?
  10. Kat7272

    DNA Testing, what are your experiences?

    I am just wondering what experience anyone has of the DNA testing that is offered on the genealogy sites? I have not undertaken the test myself and I do not know of anyone that has. Any info would be appreciated, thank you.:):):)
  11. Kat7272

    James Upton, listed only as Church Street.

    In the 1881 census, James Upton born 1851, died 1914, is listed as living at church la, Harborne. There isn't a house number, can anyone help? I can see old church rd when I Google and on an old map but not church lane???? I am having problems with the national library map search, it will not...
  12. Kat7272

    Prince of Wales Theatre Broad St

    I have searched the POW Theatre, but I cannot see a pic. Perhaps there isn't a pic but if I have missed it, please could it be posted again. I now have a map of where my relations lived and I am trying to piece together some details to get an insight on how they may have lived.
  13. Kat7272

    James Upton Printers, Great Charles Street, Birmingham.

    Hi Does anyone know where James Upton the printer resided? Or where can I find any info on his family tree? Any other info would also be great, thank you.
  14. Kat7272

    Map of Cambridge St, 1921 to 1930 please!

    My great grandparents lived in Cambridge Street from 1921 to 1930 as well as other members of my family in the neighbouring streets. It would be great if I could obtain a map including Broad St and the surrounding area.
  15. Kat7272

    Paradise development 2019

    Edit. Please note there are a number of other related threads as follows Paradise pre development 2014 - 2016 https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/paradise-pre-development-2014-2016.44640/ Paradise Circus...
  16. Kat7272

    Any children registered to Leslie and Dorothy please?

    I am trying to trace Leslie Horace Strawbridge (1907 to 1976) and his wife Dorothy Oertel. As far as I can see they didn't have any children, but would it be possible for someone to double ch e ck for me? I have also tried to trace the Oertel line to the present day, but I haven't had much...
  17. Kat7272

    Map/s of Harborne around 1919 to 1936 please?

    I would like to find out more about where my relation Freda and her family would have been riding their motorbikes in Harborne between the dates 1919 and 1936. I am familiar with Harborne from 2015, so I don't even know what it would have been like even as far back as the 60's. Any information...
  18. Kat7272

    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    I like watching stuff on the bbc iplayer, also the itv hub and c4. Walter presents is good on c4, I like the european dramas. But, I've got through a lot of programmes, sometimes I have bad nights due to IBS. What do you watch?
  19. Kat7272

    Birmingham pubs used for gigs by famous musicians or groups?

    I recently looked up some information about a Birmingham pub that was used for gigs. It got me thinking, which pubs in Birmingham have been used by local musicians or groups that have been or are famous?
  20. Kat7272

    Why Are Streets Named After People?

    Hi all I hope this is in the right place, can anyone tell me why streets are named after people please? Where could I find out more information about this topic. Is there a kind of preservation order on a street name?