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  1. Heartland

    New station funding Fort Station Castle Bromwich

    The last stage of funding applications for restoring railways fund (stage 3) has included the Fort Station at Castle Bromwich. This is a new scheme to re-instate a station to serve this area. There were once stations at Castle Bromwich and Bromford Lane, both now closed.
  2. Heartland

    The Fountain at the Council House

    The Fountain has been recently restored to use after a period of use as a garden. In this view workmen are seen preparing the ground for the original fountain
  3. Heartland

    J W Rains Ltd

    The Rains business supplied building products. This 1928 advertisement indicates that they had several of warehouses in Birmingham. One depot was beside the canal opposite Crescent Wharves. Their premises were somewhat isolated, being placed close to the Top Lock Farmer's Bridge. Access was via...
  4. Heartland

    Railway Sheds in Birmingham

    The thread on Monument Lane needs some expansion, perhaps. Monument Lane was an London & North Western shed originally with the shed code 10. The was another shed at Curzon Street, which predated it, and was the subject of recent posts following the excavation work for HS2. The former Grand...
  5. Heartland

    Colliers Riots 1822

    Riots are part of the present as well as the past. In April & May 1822 the colliers at Bilston, Wednesbury and Wolverhampton were part of of group who protested against the drop in their wages. This was a period when trade was in a depression period. Bankruptcies for iron and coal masters were...
  6. Heartland

    Origins of place naming

    The recently discontinued thread oh Heaths, does suggest that some places were named because of the barren heath land that once existed in certain places and the types of vegetation that grew there. Then there are the bogs such as could found at places such as Moseley and the areas of grassland...
  7. Heartland

    Bulls Head Meriden

    There is clearly some artistic license in this engraving of the Bulls Head at Meriden. It was on the main road to London, hence the stage coach. But the pool for Meriden Hall has grown somewhat !
  8. Heartland

    Forgotten Streams or Brooks of Birmingham

    There are some streams and brooks, which have been covered over and lost in the development of Birmingham. Examples include Edgbaston Brook whose course once ran through the valley at Icknield Port, and was covered by the Reservoir when Thomas Telford planned the water supply improvement to...
  9. Heartland

    What happened to Allenways

    There was a motor coach proprietor called Allenways in Park Street, but they appears to be no more?
  10. Heartland

    The origins of the Birmingham Brigade

    The thread about Charles Reeves, sword and gun maker, mentions one of the causes that led to bankruptcy was a serious fire. This fire in 1868 affected part of Reeve's premises called Golds Mill. The building was gutted and all machinery fell to the bottom after the floors were burnt away...
  11. Heartland

    Boat Lengths

    When looking at Birmingham Industries placed along the canal side, such property use could change through time and it became common to describe canal frontages in boat lengths. These lengths would be a length of about 70ft- 80ft, which equates to the standard narrow boat length, Such frontages...
  12. Heartland

    Charles Reeves, Charlotte Street

    Charles Reeves Junior was both a gun maker and a sword maker at the Toledo Works in Charlotte Street, By 1850 he, Charles Greaves and his father Charles Reeves, had taken over the gun and sword making factory in Charlotte Street formerly occupied by the Sargant family. Reeves supplied the...
  13. Heartland

    Charles Pemberton and Stained Glass

    Whilst much praise has been given to John Hardman & Co of Birmingham, there was a person who probably deserves more recognition that has been so far been passed his way. This person was Charles Pemberton, the eldest of three brothers and two sisters, who became a glass stainer and artist in...
  14. Heartland

    Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street

    It is now not possible to see this aspect through changes to the buildings. It is taken from what was Stanier House and it shows Alpha Tower and the underground car park. This piece of property was the Canal Wharf of the Birmingham Canal Navigations and once had their offices there.
  15. Heartland

    The Disc Engine

    Most are aware of the many steam engines made in Birmingham and South Staffordshire. But there was one that one firm that had a brief existence. Placed in Berkeley Street, the factory and foundry was placed beside an arm of the canal, but ceased production in 1845. They had constructed disc...
  16. Heartland

    Train Building in the UK

    There was a time when both the railway companies and private companies built rolling stock and locomotives. Railway companies as British Rail ceased that task when British Railway Engineering was wound up. A few rolling stock builders remained and there was hope that the Newton Aylcliffe...
  17. Heartland

    Has the metro line been moved?

    A recent advertisement has been published that advertises the extension to Centenary Square. The artist seems to chosen the crossing point away from Broad Street. Can members comment?
  18. Heartland

    Not making any more

    It has been a trend over the last few decades to loose factories and works and transfer manufacturing elsewhere. Skills for manufacturing in both Birmingham and the Black Country has been lost. For some such a transition is viewed as progress, for others the vast gaping hole left with the...
  19. Heartland

    Bus conversions

    The requirement of recovery and maintenance has seen some former buses altered for recovery vehicles-
  20. Heartland

    London & North Western Railway Plaque

    There was a plaque at Curzon Street that commemorated the war dead of the First World War. When the old depot was demolished, the plaque was stored in the new parcels depots offices. When Curzon Parcels depot closed, the plaque was mounted on a wall at New Street Station, but with the...