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    Whilst searching through some family papers I came across a piece of very old sheet music of Sally The Sunshine of our Alley sung by Fred Barnes. No 1391 priced at 6d. I know that my Grandmother, who was a few years younger than Freddie, as she called him, was a fan because she had talked about...
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    City Mental Hospital Lodge road

    Does anyone have any information about this hospital? I have just found out that my Grandfather died there in October 1918. Thank you
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    Willing Shilling Week

    Does anyone remember this fundraising week we did when we were Brownies in the 1950s? It was meant to be the Girls version of Bob a Job. I am not sure it would be an appropriate name these days!
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    Frank/francis Murphy. British Army Service Record

    I have found it impossible to find out about my Grandfather's military service. I know he joined the 4th Worcester regiment aged 20 on 11/06/1898. Attestation no.5004. I can not trace after that. I know from family that he was in first world war but think he may have left and then re-joined for...
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    Turner's Arms

    Does anyone know of a post war pub called the Turner's Arms? It may have closed in the 50's or 60's and/or was run as an outdoor. Not really sure which part of Birmingham but there is one recorded in Turner Street
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    4 Marsh Lane Erdington

    Whilst researching my family history I found that my Great Grandfather Bernard Hope lived with his Wife, 2 daughters and 4 other family members at this address in 1901. He was a fried fish dealer. On looking up the address now I see that it is a Pizza and kebab shop! Does this mean that the...
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    Birmingham College Of Food And Domestic Arts

    I was one of the first groups of students at the new building in Summer Row when it opened in 1967. I have mentioned the paternoster lifts in another thread but wondered if any other past students remembered them. Someone has mentioned that they had them at Aston University. They were quite...