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  1. Dave Bath

    Bracebridge Street

  2. Dave Bath

    Bracebridge Street

  3. Dave Bath

    Aston - Miscellaneous Pictures

    Hello everyone especially Astonian. I'm looking for a photo of Astonian's favourite pub, The Victoria Hotel (Widow's). Anybody got one? Cheers , Dave
  4. Dave Bath

    Victoria Inn Lichfield Road

    Hello everyone especially Astonian. I'm looking for a photo of Astonian's favourite pub, The Victoria Hotel. Anybody got one? Cheers , Dave
  5. Dave Bath

    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Great but I'm still looking for my special part of Bracebridge Street!
  6. Dave Bath

    Arthur and ann lavender

    Happy New Year to all BHF members. I am looking for information pre and post the 1881 Census regarding the family Lavender as I am led to believe that this Family Tree is linked to my own Bath Family Tree or the Bunford/Arnold Family Trees somewhere in the past and was linked again possibly...
  7. Dave Bath

    St Mary's church Aston

    Re: St Mary's church Aston/Aston Brook St/Hubert St/Chester Street etc; Hi Pauline, I would have sworn Roger lived in Hubert St. Another classmate you might have known lived in Chester St, Richard Hawkins. The 3 of us used to play in Rudders & Paynes woodyard. Roger broke his leg jumping from 1...
  8. Dave Bath

    St Mary's church Aston

    Hi Pauline, A very clever lad named John Weare lived above the doctors house around 1955/56. He was another friend of mine from St. Mary's Junior School, tall and wiry with red hair. He is now a nuclear physicist - that's how clever he is. Roger Hammond - same class - also lived in Hubert...
  9. Dave Bath

    The Boys Brigade

    Jennifer, Have you any info at all on my dad, Arthur Bath, who I would guess was in the BB during the 2nd WW?
  10. Dave Bath


    Andy, Did you find what you are looking for?
  11. Dave Bath


    Hi Andy, I have one or two but you can find all posts on Tower Road if you type 'Tower Road, Aston' in the search block.
  12. Dave Bath

    anglesey street

    Hi Lyn Hope you are well. Any chance you still have the oriiginal photos that you could re-post on the thread or email to me. An old mate of mine, Graham Simcox, lived in Angelsey Street and I would like to send them to him. Anyone remember him or his family? c1940's to c1960's
  13. Dave Bath

    Bracebridge Street

    Hi Lyn, Sorry, can't help you with the darts team. The guy on the left could be Tommy Hartley the local illegal bookie from across Aston Road? My dad was in the domino team (and the drinking team after hours when Wilson-Jones owned the pub!!!).
  14. Dave Bath

    My dad

    Hi Lyn, Just read about your sad news. Our condolences to you a your family. Love from Barbara and Dave.
  15. Dave Bath

    St Mary's Cof E School, Avenue Rd, Aston

    Hi Christine, Who am I? I often wonder! I was born in 1944 and lived at 2 back of 26 Bracebridge Street. I don't recognise your name or the other names you mention so I suspect we are not in the same age group. I was at St. Mary's Infant & Junior from 1949 to 1955. That's who I am. If you have...
  16. Dave Bath

    long acre pics wanted

    Hi Lyn - hope you are well. I spent many an hour sitting on a low wall on the corner opposite (r.h.s.) of the Prince of Wales, waiting for my school girlfriend at the time to make up a plausible excuse to get out of the house. Rita Affleck, where are you now?
  17. Dave Bath

    Dave baths visit on the day pics...

    Hello all, Firstly, let me apologise for not responding sooner but its as though we just landed, yet we've been home more than 3 weeks now. I thought now would be a good time to write as the Wolves managed to win at home at last by beating the Blues!!!! Seriously, Barb and I would like to thank...
  18. Dave Bath

    Dave bath.s visit to brum

    Hi All, I have to thank Astoness (Lyn) for organising this "meet-up" on 10th Nov. I'm sure it will be an interesting afternoon. I only thought about this today - I will be meeting a group of "strangers" who I actually know a lot about! I note that the thread has awoken some ex-Bracebridgeians! I...
  19. Dave Bath

    recent fire in sparkbrook

    Hi Alan, Looks a biit suspicious on the Todays Post list:- Recent fire in Sparkbrook Started by Astonian 1 day ago What you bin a doing of?
  20. Dave Bath

    Aston Pictures

    The Aston University was built on this area, it is Moland Street in 1938. Stitcher, could the "main" road in this picture be the start of Aston Road at Gosta Green looking towards Aston? I don't know Moland Street.