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  1. castalla

    Electoral roll

    Looking through my Ancestry and found on the Electoral Roll next to my uncles name YS anybody know what this means the net years list has him down as S then his name , now he was in the Navy so away from home but dont know if this has anything to do with it
  2. castalla

    Alma Cresent

    Anybody got any photos or memorys or know of people who lived in Alma Cresent off Dollman St Nechells/ Duddeston area, found out records 1939 show my aunt lived at number 19 Alma Cresent, Florance B Ward nee White with her husband Charles H. Ward also at this address is a June Ward b 1925 and a...
  3. castalla

    Florance B Ward

    Looking for any info on my aunt Florance B Flynn, (maiden name White) previous married name Ward was married to Charles H Ward, who passed away in about 1940´s Lived in Alma Cresent nechells/Duddeston off Dolman street
  4. castalla

    Also Builders

    Anybody remember Also Builders (think it was called this) Sladfield road Washwood heath, my dad used to work for them on a Saturday morning as a Labourer, think the owner lived in Hampton in Arden
  5. castalla

    Florance Flynn Nee Ward

    My aunt and uncle Tim Flynn lived at 504 Alum Rock Road, he Tim used to use the Brook pub, he came from cork Ireland and Married Florance B Ward in 1945, she passed away about 1965, though they lived in Alum Rock I don’t know if Florance came from the same area, her parents I am led to believe...
  6. castalla

    Ashbrook Road

    My Parents lived in Ashbrook road, sometime in the late 1950´s, I lived there for the first 6 months of my life June 1957 to December 57. anybody got any info of the area, road or pictures from this time please.
  7. castalla

    St Wilfreds R C School

    Anybody out there attend St Wilfreds RC Shawsdale rd, 1962 to 1968, Only remember the head Mr Doncasley, pupils Mark Ward, Jimmy Byrnes, Anne Smart (lived in Erminghton cresent) Karen Casay, Margaret Howard sure there are at least 30 odd in my class but forgot names as most went to st wilfred...
  8. castalla


    Seeking any info on Florance B Ward. Married in 1945 to Timothy Pearse Flynn my uncle (from Cork Ireland). 1955 Electrol Roll lived at 509 Alum Rock Road. Timothy lived here unti his death in 1986, i have no knowledge of his wife, and her family no DOB Parents etc. Looking to obtain their...
  9. castalla

    Looking For

    My uncle Timothy Pearse Flynn from Cork born 1917, late of 509 Alun Rock Road Married Florance B Ward in 1945 looking for any information or family of Florance B as i do not know any side of this sid eof my family, and would like to contact if anybody out there. Regards Martin O´flynn
  10. castalla

    Adrian Cottages

    My Grandfather and his family lived in Adrian Cottage´s , in Kings Heath (just off the high street) has anybody, got any photos please
  11. castalla

    Pendeen Road Yardley Wood - Highbury road Kinga Heath

    Looking for any photos memorys , storys. people from 1926 to about 1978 of 18 Pendeen road road Yardley Wood where my Grandparents / Mother lived Breakwell family Denis Grandad worked at petroñl station by Valley pub & Mosley road swimming baths & Cadburyds, also i am led to beleive was...
  12. castalla

    Unidentifided person

    I have this pic of my Grandfather Denis Breakwell of Kings Heath, he served in WW1 Cycle regiment and West Riding Reg. This photo shows Denis standing and unknown friend sat, anybody recognize him sorry not very clear
  13. castalla


    Looking for any info pics etc on 21 Cheapside Birmingham thanks in advance
  14. castalla


    Can anybody help please looking for any information with regards to Brasshouse Passage Ladywood (where it was photos etc) long long relatives lived here thanks in advance
  15. castalla

    Kings Heath

    I have found out that my Grandfather lived in Adrain Cottage Kings Heath 1901 Census, has anybody any idea where this was obvisually not there anymore
  16. castalla

    Cycle Regiment or Norh Yorkshire Uniform

    Photo of my GrandfUather Denis W Breakwell Lived at 24 Grange Road Kings Heath.This Photo taken between 1914 & 1918 in the uniform of either the Army Cycle Regiment or North Yorkshire Regiment how a brummy ended up in a yorkshire regiment can´t find out as he lived and worked all his life in...
  17. castalla

    Finch/ Breakwell

    Is there anybody out there have any information on the Finch Family, lived at 54 Highbury road Kings Heath,(1900-1975) brother & sister Florance (florry) and William (bill) never married worked at Cadburys all there lives, Uncle Bill had a Big lump on his back and used to cycle every where...