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  1. dek carr

    Help needed name this Aston pub

    The pub is on the corner of I believe Bracebridge St and High St but I cannot name it.
  2. dek carr

    Highgate Street

    I recognise this Street but cannot pinpoint it any suggestions.Dek
  3. dek carr

    The Navigation Inn Oxford St Deritend

    I have come across information about this pub but cannot recall it, has anyone a photo or address of the Pub. Dek
  4. dek carr

    Windsor Arcade

    If I remember right the North Western Arcade had a T junction half way down this came out in Bull St and was called Windsor Arcade ( I think) This is how I remember it after Rachams was Built. Dek
  5. dek carr

    The Ragged School Penn St.

    Came across this on a thread posted by a new member on the back of an old football photo.this has interested me as I have not heard of it before. has anyone any knowledge of this school? Dek
  6. dek carr

    Where is this building

    I have drove past this building many hundred of times but never before really looked at it properly you may have done the same but can you remember where it is. Dek
  7. dek carr

    Parker Winder & Allchurch

    This name came into my head I remember the Company in the 60s can anyone refresh my memory.Thank you. Dek:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. dek carr

    The Dog Pool

    Just come down the Pershore Rd from Stirchley noticed a large For Sale sign on the Dog Pool. Is this the death of another well known B,ham pub???Dek
  9. dek carr

    Problem" Bimingham Buses" Thread

    Any one having trouble with this thread when i click on the last post by ragga it goes to the top of the last page when I scroll down ragga,s post is not there. Dek:rolleyes::rolleyes::)
  10. dek carr

    The Bromford

    Just came past the Bromford on the way home it,s all boarded up does anyone know whats happening to it. Dek
  11. dek carr

    James Cecilia Amy Help with maiden name

    My mothers mother died on the 13-10-1927 she had 2 sons and 5 daughters her husbands name was Vincent John James her name was Cecilia Amy James.How would I find her maiden name? I only met my grandfather a few times before he died and he lived at 76 New Street Erdington with his second wife.I...
  12. dek carr

    The Mill House Turves Green

    Chatting to a friend and have just been informed that the roof is off and a Supermarket is going in it,s place never been in there myself but it looked like a grand old pub. Dek
  13. dek carr

    Where was this pub #8

    This is a pub i never saw open although i remember it in this form what was its name and where was it.you wont find this on google . Phil your barred . Dek
  14. dek carr

    This must have been a pub but what name

    Came across this but where is it and what was its name.Dek
  15. dek carr

    Albert Hall Aston

    i posted on the" Witton Square Thread" Regarding this building what i am trying to find out is what the building was originally built for. I know it was used in the 20s for a dance hall but not sure if it was built for this purpose.1899 was the date of its construction. Dek (Replacement)
  16. dek carr

    Aerial Photos

    We have a thread on City Centre Photos 2010 i cannot find it can someone point the way please. Thank you Dek:grinsmile::grinsmile:
  17. dek carr

    Miiller lamps Aston Brook St

    Having a rummage and found these i brought them in the 70s for one of my cars but never used them they have never been out of there boxes till now.dek
  18. dek carr

    New Canal street

    Today being a beautiful day took me back some 50 years to the sweet smell of New Canal Street. The Skin and Hide building between Fazeley St and Bordesley St who can remember it on a hot sunny day. Dek
  19. dek carr

    S. U. Carburettors Wood lane

    How many of you can remember taking your car hear for a carb tune up. Dek
  20. dek carr

    Proposed New Station in Curzon Street

    Just seen the news where will the new track run? Dek:(:shocked: