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  1. Dave Bath

    Victoria Inn Lichfield Road

    Hello everyone especially Astonian. I'm looking for a photo of Astonian's favourite pub, The Victoria Hotel. Anybody got one? Cheers , Dave
  2. Dave Bath

    Arthur and ann lavender

    Happy New Year to all BHF members. I am looking for information pre and post the 1881 Census regarding the family Lavender as I am led to believe that this Family Tree is linked to my own Bath Family Tree or the Bunford/Arnold Family Trees somewhere in the past and was linked again possibly...
  3. Dave Bath

    Live Premier League - Free!

    I am currently watching Burnley vs Everton "live" and free. Try it and let's know what you think. If you have a better one let us know please. Sorry about the header (speling)! https://iraqgoals.net/
  4. Dave Bath

    Aston Pubs

    Hi Mossg, I have a number of pictures of Aston pubs mostly taken from a book called Aston Remembered. Trouble is Dave can't remember..............where the book is!!! Astoness will also have many, especially Hockley. My dad used to have the occasional drink in the General as he worked a few...
  5. Dave Bath

    Remember Kayli?

    Does anyone remember that coloured powder bought by kids from sweet shops in a funnel shaped bag and you ate it by dipping a wet finger (or two) into the powder. Your fingers were stained for days! We called it Kayli (spelling?). It may also have been known as Rainbow Powder in some quarters.
  6. Dave Bath


    Graham, I see you are researching the name Burbidge. I know a Richard Burbidge who lives near me in Port Elizabeth.
  7. Dave Bath

    Bath Family Tree Look-Up

    Hi Guys and Gals, Can you help? Since I joined this forum I have always been amazed at how quickly people respond to requests like this, with information as far back as when pussy was a kitten, so as I came across the attached document this morning I thought I would try to obtain the missing...
  8. Dave Bath

    The Boys Brigade

    My dad was in The Boys Brigade at sometime in his life and I know very little about this organisation. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  9. Dave Bath

    How Do I................?

    Not sure if I should start a thread for this but here goes:- I have created an album of Old Pubs in Aston but how can others get access to it? I have referred to it a few times and I have asked posters to tell me if they have been successful but I am none the wiser!! Can someone...
  10. Dave Bath

    Nechells Park Sec Mod 1955-1959 Pictures

    I am looking for class photos or individual photos during this time period. Can anyone help? Cheers, Dave.