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  1. Vixen

    Help to read census address please

    Please could someone help decipher the address at which John and Jessie Jones are living. I read the word 245, and 73 Hotel but have no idea what the other word is. Trying to work this out so I can try and find out what happened to them after 1901 which is this census.
  2. Vixen

    Pictures if possible of The Hadleys

    Hi this is most likely a long shot but Im looking for anyone out there who may have had relatives who knew John William Hadley and his wife May Elizabeth Johns. John was born 1892/93 and May was born 1896/98. They had George Hadley 1924-2002, Percy Ernest Hadley 1920-1993, May Matilda Hadley...
  3. Vixen

    John william hadley

    Hi everyone Does anyone here know of a relative who knew John william hadley dob 6th Dec 1892 but registered 1894 mmn Portlock. John was married 1915 to May E Johns. He came from Aston, Birmingham and was an electric crane driver. He was the father of my grandad George Hadley born 1924. He...
  4. Vixen


    Not sure where to put this, whether under general genealogy help, surname interests or lost family. But here goes. Im after some help once more, as this side of my family is proving quite difficult to pin down. Im looking for information on the following, particularly death dates, and...
  5. Vixen


    I'm trying to find information on Leah Portlock who was born 1867, daughter of William Portlock and Mary Ann West. Leah married Charles William Davis in 1887 but Charles died 1893. Leah is next seen on the 1901 and 1911 census with George Cameron, who was previously married. However I can't...
  6. Vixen

    World War 2 look up

    Is someone with military record access able to see if they can find some records for my grandad George Hadley. George Hadley was born on 8 February 1924, his father was John william hadley 6th Dec 1892/3 and his mother, May Elizabeth Johns 1896. He married Vera Swinden in January 1951 in...
  7. Vixen

    Emily portlock.

    Unsure where to put this. I'm looking for a bit of help on Emily Portlock who married John W Hadley in 1878. My granddad's dad was a john W Hadley, and his dad a john W Hadley married an emily portlock. The marriage of John William HADLEY & Emily PORTLOCK took place on 25 December 1878 at...
  8. Vixen

    Hadley photos

    This is probably a long shot but if anyone can help I would be over the moon. I'm looking for photos of my relatives the Hadleys who were born and lived in Birmingham. I'm hoping someone may have a photo they could share of any of the following Hadleys. I'm particularly interested in photos of...
  9. Vixen

    Matilda Mayes

    Hi everyone. No sure where to put this. I'm looking for information on Matilda Mayes who was the mother of May elizabeth Johns born either 1896 or 1898 as the census and birth record don't quite tally. Matilda mayes was born 1868 we think. Matilda would be my great, great grandmother but...
  10. Vixen

    Hadley family

    Looking for information on my great grandad John W. Hadley. Born 6th dec1892. John W. Hadley married May Elizabeth Johns in 1915. Don't know at this point who John's parents were. They lived in Birmingham and I know lived at some point at bendall rd/St. Would be good to find info on John and...