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  1. Charlie

    The Game

    New series starts on BBC2 this Thursday (30th April) called "The Game" Set in 1970s London, it was actually filmed in Birmingham. Trouble is, I lose track of the plot 'cause I'm more interested in the location shots!
  2. Charlie

    Just a rumour?

    One of my relatives tells me my dad lied about his age and went off to join up in WW1 as a Drummer Boy. She said my gran was really upset, but rellie wasn't sure if gran stopped him or he went in anyway. Thing is, dad was born in 1903 so would have been very young at the outbreak of war - but I...
  3. Charlie

    John Anderton

    Can anyone with access to WW1 records see if they can find John Anderton, born 1881 We think he was in either the Royal Staffs or Warwickshire Regt. but can't find any war records/medal cards etc. Many thanks. Charlie
  4. Charlie

    Windows Live Messenger

    I never use WLM but it's on the computer. I've been on to My Computer etc but I'm not sure how to remove this programme - there are lot of Windows thingies on there and I don't want to remove the wrong one (you can see how technical I am, can't you)? Could someone tell me how to get rid please...
  5. Charlie

    Printing problem

    I'm trying to print off a "do not reply" email from Hotmail. (It's confirmation of a holiday booking actually) and, though it looks fine on the email, it prints off really tiny. I can't find any way of altering the size of the font and I've tried saving it to file and printing from that but to...
  6. Charlie

    Drury Lane

    I have done a search (honest) but it seems a bit 'hit and miss' so .... does anyone have a photo of Drury Lane (Birmingham) please, and where was it exactly? Many thanks Charlie
  7. Charlie

    Railway Journeys

    Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys @ 6.30pm BBC2 tomorrow (Tuesday) travels to Birmingham and talks about it being the pen making capital of the world, as well as talking about a notorious 19th century murder. The following night (same time) he's in Dudley I think. Worth a look...
  8. Charlie

    Line of Duty

    Is anyone watching "Line of Duty" on Tuesdays BBC2? It's filmed around Broad Street, the police station is actually the old TSB Bank. It's a good TV "gritty cop drama" in itself (so far; episode 2 on Tuesday) but it's good to play 'spot the location' as well!
  9. Charlie

    Welcome Inn

    I don't suppose The Welcome Inn is still in Park Road, Hockley? I have a relative who was raped when she was working there in 1870. She was only 14 - at least the perpetrator got 5 years penal servitude!
  10. Charlie


    Could anyone do a lookup for a James Roach/Roache/Roche (not sure of spelling) who lived - I'm told - in River Street, Birmingham in 1901. That's all the information I have, sorry...it's for a friend who's writing a family history but can't find her grandfather on the census records, and sadly...
  11. Charlie


    Just started reading "All The Days of Our Lives" the new book by Annie Murray (since I'm in my sickbed)! I've read a few of hers (all based in Birmingham) but in the acknowledgements of this one she lists the Birmingham History Forum and the Birmingham Heartlands Society? Mind you - I expect...
  12. Charlie

    BBC Heritage

    There's a new series starting on BBC1 @ (I think) 7.00pm on Sunday 14th August, looking at Britain's Heritage. They come to Birmingham in one section, looking at a silversmith's factory - and I'm assuming this will be J.Evans in Albion Street. Worth a look anyway.
  13. Charlie


    I have been using Firefox for ages for browsing the web. Lately it's been prompting me to download the latest version, so I clicked on and left it to get on with it. A message was displayed to say download couldn't be completed - and now it won't load at all :(. I can get on the internet...
  14. Charlie

    Canal Walks

    Did anyone see Julia Bradbury's Canal Walks on BBC4 last night? She walked from Birmingham Gas Street to Worcester. Only half an hour...and should have been longer..but interesting. I'm sure it's repeated sometime this week, but can't remember when!
  15. Charlie

    BBC2 Tonight (Monday)

    There's a programme on BBC2 tonight - Ian Hislop "Do Gooders". Apparently, he walks along the canal at Water Street Birmingham, and talks about George Dawson (buried at Key Hill). Might be worth a look.
  16. Charlie

    Windows Live update

    My Windows Live email has updated to the 2011 version and I HATE it! Is there any way of switching back to the old one (other than doing a system restore)? There's a lot of useless stuff on the new one, cluttering up the screen - but the useful stuff has been minimized and there's no "delete"...
  17. Charlie

    Julie Walters book.

    This has been out for some time, but I've only just caught up with it. "That's Another Story" the autobiography of Julie Walters follows her childhood at Bishopton Road, Smethwick (Bearwood), through to St. Pauls RC School in Edgbaston, Holly Lodge Grammar School, nursing at the QE and the...
  18. Charlie

    Charlesworth Joe

    My dad's brother, Joseph Charlesworth, was married in December 1931. According to records, his new bride was Lily Lennon or Fazakarley. Why would she have two names listed?
  19. Charlie

    Gangs of Birmingham

    Interesting article on Birmingham Gangs in the 19thc in todays Sunday Mercury. Don't know how to send links (I'm sure someone else will), but Google "Sunday Mercury Birmingham Gangs" to view.
  20. Charlie

    Slow to load

    I'm now using Windows 7 on this laptop, and everything's very smooth - except the BHF! I find it's very slow to load, much slower than my old PC when I was running Windows XP...photographs are especially slow.:( Every other site I use is fine, should I be adding something or doing something...