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  1. Ray Griffiths

    Saturday at Villa Park

    More of my daughters art work
  2. Ray Griffiths

    Fare dodgers

    I watch with interest the other night the programme highlighting passengers not paying Transport fares. I wonder what would happen if we had the red honesty boxes which was located on the platform of Birmingham trams. The boxes was located for passengers alighting the tram to put the fares which...
  3. Ray Griffiths

    Australia immigration

    Please can anybody help with the following relative details. Charles Henry Jukes born Aston 1878 immigrated to Perth West Australia on 18August 1928 with the Orient Ship line on the Ship Orovsa from London. I can't find any details when he arrived in Perth ?
  4. Ray Griffiths

    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    Let me start you off I intend trimming my bungalow up in memory of my dad who play an important part of the celebrations in Birdbrook Rd & Kebworth Close parties. I will hope to have Union Jack buntings with a picture of King George 6th an Elizabeth, LED light shining on my home with R W B...
  5. Ray Griffiths

    What Price Your House 1938

    What a Bargain
  6. Ray Griffiths

    The Blitz Britain on fire

    Hi folks Starting on Tuesday night for three nights on Channel 5 at 9 pm The Blitz Britain on fire it looks as if it could be a vert interesting series.
  7. Ray Griffiths

    WW1 Money Bank

    Hi Folks has anybody got have one of these cast iron money tanks It was my Grandfathers I was lead to believe by my Dad that my Grandfather either made it or had it made. My grandfather in 1911 worked at Eagle Tange Gas Company as a Fettler which I assume it was a foundry in Aston. Would...
  8. Ray Griffiths

    Shocking Coil

    Hi Folks These two pictures show a shocking which would have been attached to a battery my Dad bought it convince it would help with his pains. He would spent some time holding the 2 hand pieces and you would see his arm jumping. Picture 2 was the trick he used to play on us as kids, he'd put...
  9. Ray Griffiths


    Wife of William John Jukes Born Birmingham 1855 Parents Henry Jukes & Elizabeth Chapman. I've found two possible Clara Ann Draper and Henrietta Clara Badham ? Can any body sort out which is the correct on for me
  10. Ray Griffiths

    Retirement Of Family Tree Maker

    https://blog.eogn.com/2015/12/08/ancestry-to-retire-family-tree-maker-software/ It looks very much like researching Family History is going to be that much hard a lot of the software is being with drawn not a enough profit, A good replacement is a free programme called Legacy, and you can...
  11. Ray Griffiths

    Clews Family - Who Would Have Thought It

    Following an enquiry on the Forum with regards to Family Name Clews, I got in touch with the member and it's unbelievable this is the connection my 4 Aunt's & 2 Uncle's has been looking for nearly 80 years for. I just feel so elated to have achieved something that that my family have failed to...
  12. Ray Griffiths

    Lichfield Rd Aston

    Please can anybody help I'm researching the bombing that took place during WW11 at the junction of Victoria Rd, Church Lane, Lichfield Rd, and Sandy Lane. Dr Goulds was on one side of Lichfield Rd, across the road was shops which was a flattened Fish & Chip shop, Tobacconists , Post Office...
  13. Ray Griffiths

    Woodbine Academy in Aston Birmingham

    Hi Folks. During my search for my family history tree I have a distsnt relative was in the Woodbine Academy in Aston Birmingham. Do'es have details or a photo it's location, |I must admit I've never heard of ot. Ray
  14. Ray Griffiths

    R100 Airship

    Looking in through my Dad's old pictures I found this newspaper cutting of the Airship R100
  15. Ray Griffiths

    Villa Cross

  16. Ray Griffiths

    Pictures in Villa Street

    Hi Lyn one for you Villa Street anybody know who they might betaken 1960/1968
  17. Ray Griffiths

    Can anybody confirm where thses pictures are in Aston

    Can any tel me where these pictures were taken I believe the 2 nd one might be Gerrards Street?
  18. Ray Griffiths

    Rocky Lane Aston Stables

    Hi Folks. I'm looking for details of Stables that were located opposite 8 Rocky Lane Aston about 1910, and a guy by the name of John Reynolds who married a Jinnie/ Jane H Clives in 1917 formerly birth name of Cross. She was married 1st to a Benjamin Thomas Clives who was I believe killed about...
  19. Ray Griffiths

    Help required to trace Please Please Thread picture of Mom & Dad

    I've restored a copy of a picture of somebodies mom & Dad from a Thread called "please please" can't find it. Also I can't find out how I can attach it. Can anbody advise Ray
  20. Ray Griffiths

    Army Records

    Can anybody Help a relative of my wife was a Major Albert Chiles (Major is his name not rank. He enlisted in the Coldstream Guards in1891 and discharged in1903 He was then called up for short service 1917 to 1918 he was posted to a Birmingham barracks of the R E I. W. & D. Can...