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  1. Davenport

    Brearley Street

    I wonder if Mikejee or anyone can locate Bee Hive House, 120 Brearley Street on a map. Listed on 1841/1851 census, owned or rented by Robert Davenport and family. Although the brewing family I do not think it was a public house. Thank You.
  2. Davenport

    Marriage certificate query.

    Wondering why both the Father’s name and Profession are not included on this marriage certificate? witnessed by Robert Davenport and Jane Davenport. Mary’s Father was a Robert,as well as a Brother and Sister Jane. Thank you.
  3. Davenport

    10 Bull Ring.

    I have a distant relative who married in June 1931 at St Martin’s Parish church. She gives her address as 10 Bull Ring on the marriage certificate. I presume this was a residential address and wonder how it fits into the market / retail area that I know of ? Thanks.
  4. Davenport

    Mr & Mrs Bird.

    I realise this is a very long shot but I’m wondering if anyone recognises from their family photographs the couple in the top right hand corner of this wedding photograph taken in 1910. They are known as Mr & Mrs Bird and may have lived on Bristol Road / Street. They appear to be quite a welll...
  5. Davenport

    Davenport Family Birmingham .

    After years of trying to research my family and not having much luck I made contact with June Bird who is a distant cousin. She has spent many hours researching our family and has resulted in the publication of this book. It’s such an achievement. It details the history of Warwickshire...
  6. Davenport

    1 court,5 Moseley Street

    I cannot find Florence Laura Stevens at this address on the 1901 census, I know she was here on 18th June as she gives this address,when she informs a family memembers death on the cert'. Wonder if anyone can help? Thank You.
  7. Davenport


    A Family member has said that ''we are related to the Millward shops'' I do not recall any shops of that name in Brum, wonder if anyone has any clues ? Thank You. D
  8. Davenport

    51 Watkis Road

    I have 51 Watkis Road Bearwood as an address for my Grandad in 1914. I cannot trace this address and wonder if anyone could help , Was it a residential house and who lived there ? Thank You.
  9. Davenport

    Death Certificate Query

    I have a death certificate for a lady who died December 1952. In the column #7 signature description and residence of informant, the name and address is written and the following 'Causing the body to be buried' any ideas as to what this means ? Thanks
  10. Davenport

    St. Lukes Rd

    When i was a lad in the 60s my Grandad showed me a collection of post cards that he kept in a shoe box,whilst i wasn't very interested in them he gave me one of Castle Bromwich Church as we lived just a few roads away.The collection has now been lost in time but i still have my card. It is...
  11. Davenport

    Davenport family

    I have come to a standstill with my family researches and wonder if anyone could help.My 3rd x Greatgrandfather William Davenport married Mary Jennens 9th.July 1816 at St.Edburghs,Yardley. Witnessed by Thomas Waldron. I do not know anything of his parents or possible siblings, Are St Edburghs...
  12. Davenport

    ww1 conscientious objectors

    I wonder if anyone could help with this subject. My grandfather A.E.Davenport was a Conscientious Objector in WW1, he was a church member of Billesley Baptist church. I was told by an older family member a few years ago that he was 'a door man in Prison' but i suspect he was well behind a...
  13. Davenport

    Bromsgrove street

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this ,my grandfathers family had a printing business in Bromsgrove st from at least 1861 till the c1940s called Stevens. i understand that the original painted name was still visible above the shop front a few years ago. would you know of this business or have...