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  1. superdad3

    Not what they used to be......

    As well as a lot of good old products vanishing from the shelves, it disappoints me how many traditional products have been "bought" up by big companies and immediately altered for the worse. HP Sauce was never the same after taken over by the dutch - darker & doesn't taste the same. Brillo Pads...
  2. superdad3

    Vyse Street Banksy art

    Came across this on the bbc news website; banksy art in the Jewellery Quarter: sadly quickly vandalised.
  3. superdad3

    Batman' Butler!

    Famous People of Birmingham: Alan William Napier-Clavering (1903-1988) Alan Napier, as he was known, was an English actor who was born in "Kings Norton" [actually Harborne where he spent his childhood]. He was related to Neville Chamberlain & the Kenrick family. He trained at the Royal Academy...
  4. superdad3

    Luker's Bakery

    Hi, has anyone got any information about Luker's Bakery that used to be in Woodbridge Road, Moseley? or any photographs of the shop? Would help me with the Moseley Churchyard Project/Luker Family. Many thanks
  5. superdad3

    Canadian Ex-servicemens Association - Birmingham Branch

    I was given a box of old books on Birmingham a while ago & among them was this framed certificate of authorisation for the Birmingham Branch of the Canadian Ex-Servicemens Association. Nothing on google -. Anyone know anything about them? It's a lovely hand drawn item and clearly very old. Next...