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    Google Ads

    How do I permanently get rid of Google ads spoiling my enjoyment of BHF? I never had this plague when I ran Firefox, but I recently moved to Google Chrome when one of my anti-virus programs decided that Firefox was a threat and wouldn't let me write e-mails!! Suggestions, please! Thanks, G
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    The Salutation Inn, Summer Lane/constitution Hill

    Does anyone have photos of the interior of this classic old pub, especially the upper floor rooms where the Jazz Club was held on Friday evenings? Thanks G
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    Private Messages

    Could some kind soul please tell me how I can send private messages? I'm sure this is dealt with somewhere in the Forums, but I can't drop on it. Thanks in advance. G
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    Massive Ordnance Air Blast

    Not sure if I'm putting this in the correct sub-forum, but with reference to the much-publicised dropping of the 'Mother Of All Bombs' in Afghanistan, not one single mention have I seen in the media of the fact that the genuine MOAB is the 22000lb 'Grand Slam' developed by Barnes Wallis and...
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    Gino's Italian Restaurant

    I'm looking for photos of the outside and (preferably) interior of this restaurant, which was on the corner of Smallbrook Queensway and Suffolk St. I think it opened in the early 1960's and for a long time was a favourite place of ours for birthdays and so forth. It was the only restaurant in...
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    Hines Family

    Hello All, I haven't posted for a long time, but I am seeking information regarding the HINES family who lived in Josiah Road, Longbridge, until at least the 1960's. Thank you. Big Gee
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    Outlook - can't sign in

    When I try to sign in to my Outlook (Hotmail) e-mail account I get a message "Something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now. Please try again later". This happens on both our computers here. Any suggestions, please? Thanks in advance. G
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    The Dam Busters

    I can't see anyone else mentioning it, so I thought I'd remind everyone that tonight is the 70th anniversary of The Dam Busters raid. Big Gee
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    Steve Winwood

    Hi Nick, Re St John’s Church Perry Barr wow, one of my musical heroes!! I used to regularly see The Spencer Davies Group when they were the resident band at The Students Union at Birmingham University in the 1960's. Stevie Winwood had (and has) the best blues voice I have ever heard in a white...
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    Can one of you clever computer-people out there please advise how I can retrieve YouTube? For no known reason I can no longer connect - it times out. Thanks in advance, Big Gee
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    Printer Ink

    Does anyone know where I can get printer ink-cartridges re-filled reasonably cheaply? There used to be a shop on Boldmere Road, but closed down now. The price of original cartidges is outrageous! Thanks, Big Gee
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    Problems Logging On

    I couldn't log on to the Forum this morning, until about 5 minutes ago. Did anyone else have problems? Big Gee
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    Can't play YouTube

    A short time ago I suddenly found I couldn't play YouTube or other videos on my PC. I was told to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (Version 10.1), which I did, but still can't play YouTube or other videos. When I try, I just keep being told I need to download Adobe Flash Player...
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    Lancasters at Longbridge

    I'm reading "Lancaster" by Leo McKinstry, an excellent history of the aircraft, and which I'd gladly recommend. However, he states that Lancasters manufactured at Longbridge were transported in sections to Elmdon where they were assembled and then test flown. I was always under the impression...
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    All Souls Church Witton

    Does anyone have any memories of this church, in which I was married in 1971? Especially, memories of Rev Charles Lee and Rev George Walmesley. Big Gee
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    Are You All Right?

    I'm sure I'm not the only person who gets hot under the collar when addressed by a shop assistant thus: "Are you all right?" My response to this (being an old grump) is to say, "Why, don't I look it?" What happened to "Good morning, sir" or "Can I help you?" Harrumph.... Big Gee
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    Victorian Sentiment

    Here's an old song that my gran used to sing on New Year's Eve. Sentimental, or what? Happy New Year! Big Gee
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    Dyson Hall

    Does anyone have any memories of the old Dyson Hall, which I think was in a street somewhere off the Lichfield Road? Was it Pugh Road? My mother and father met there in about 1937 when they were both in an amateur Gilbert & Sullivan society that put on its shows there. I have photos of both of...
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    Tony Hancock

    Unless I'm totally up the creek here, I can't find any mention of Tony Hancock in the Famous Brummies thread, or whatever it is, yet wasn't he born in Hall Green? Big Gee
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    Battle of Bosworth Field

    Today (August 22nd) is the 523rd anniversary of the Battle Of Bosworth Field, the last major conflict in the Wars of the Roses and one of the most defining battles in English history. And fought in the Midlands, too! I've often wondered how our history might have been had Richard III won...he...