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  1. Oisin

    '60s Drink Prices

    Can anyone help me with the average pub price of a large (schooner?) medium sherry in about 1968 please? I think a pint would have been about 2/-, or 2/6d in a posh lounge but didn't drink much sherry meself. If anyone can help me out I'll gladly buy them one (or maybe even two) at whatever...
  2. Oisin

    Archive Footage

    Not sure if this should be here or under links. It's a collection of old footage that I though might be interesting,informative, or just amusing https://www.wevee.co.uk/ It's a new project so is still in its infancy. It should be interesting watching it develop.
  3. Oisin

    Strange Request

    Have any of you bus enthusiast got a picture of a BCT bus badly crash/bomb damaged? I'd like to use one as an illustration to a story I'm working on set in the mid-sixties. I'd be very grateful if someone could oblige. Thanks in anticipation, Paul.
  4. Oisin

    Black Country Anyone?

    Just couldn't resist posting this when I came across it: YouTube - Black Country Alphabet Song - Bostin OFFICIAL T-Shirts now available! Yes, I've got the Tay-Shirt.
  5. Oisin

    1960s Car Insurance

    Who did you insure your vehicle with in the 1960s?
  6. Oisin

    3 day working in 1970s

    I can only vaguely remember a national three day week being introduced in the early 1970s. As I worked in the manufacturing it must have affected me but for the life of me I can't remember how. Maybe if others could relay their experiences it might help. Thanks, P.
  7. Oisin

    Where I Live

    I wondered if this might be of interests to folks: https://tinyurl.com/yv8n5f ... an opportunity to help in the largest photographic montage ever.
  8. Oisin

    Ossy Osbourne

    I only noticed this set into the pavement on Boad Street the other day. Now hear there's another for Jasper Carrot. I'll have to sort that one out.
  9. Oisin

    Bull Ring Print

    I acquired this in a charity shop yesterday and wondered if anybody knew anything about the artist - Robert K Calvert. I've checked the web and the only reference I can find is to this actual print fetching £20 an an auction in 2005. Sorry 'bout the poor quality of the photo, it was a bit...
  10. Oisin

    WWII Air Raid Victims

    Does any one know what's happened to the recently erected monument to the civilian air raid victims? I was down the Bull Ring yesterday and all that's left is the plinth.
  11. Oisin

    Tulip Festival

    The Tulip Festival has been mentioned in quite a few posts just in passing but can anyone tell me when the last one was held? I need to know for a piece I'm working on. It's fiction (well, it has to be off me, doesn't it?) but I need to get the historical background right. All I can turn up on...
  12. Oisin

    Street Lights

    Am I right in believing, in the era of timers between lamp-lighters and photocells, the street lights sometimes switched off before it was light in the morning? I'm pretty sure I can remember being left in the dark on my way home from town some mornings. Or is it my ageing memory flickering and...
  13. Oisin

    Re: Airfield Protection

    It would seem the picture of my engineless car on this thread: https://tinyurl.com/yzzhuw has caused some discussion. It has been suggested that it may have been as part of our wartime defences where old cars were parked in fields likely to be used as airfields by invading forces. This picture...
  14. Oisin

    Re: Felled Trees

    I was round Handsworth Park this morning and came across these sorry sites of felled trees. I can't imagine why the have been cut down, it can't be the weather as they'd started on them before Christmas and they didn't look diseased to me. The only thing I can think of is an...
  15. Oisin

    Rebuilding the Bull Ring

    Just came across this one taken in 1999 which I s'pose is Old Brum now...
  16. Oisin

    Gas Street Basin

    I may have hung up me camera but that don't stop me posting some of me older and I think better piccies. Here's another some more from 1992...
  17. Oisin

    Bull Ring 1960s - 1980s

    I'm guessing these are classed as "Old Brum" since the Bull Ring has been redeveloped since they were taken. I came across them in my archive of slides taken in 1992... I think this bloke with the barra musta bin workin' on the lump as he wasn't too happy about having his picture...
  18. Oisin

    Where is This Pub?

    I found the following picture in my archives and can't remember exactly where it was taken - somewhere around Newhall Street perhaps?
  19. Oisin

    The Old Girl

    Florence (Ruth's Dog)...
  20. Oisin

    Our Khazi

    I know I posted this before but can't remember whether it was here or on Ted Rudge's Winson Green site. If it was on here I s'pose I'll hear about it soon enough from SuBee - our vigilant but friendly :knuppel2: moderator ;) ... OUR KHAZI Our khazi; out the back door, sharp right passed...