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    accidentally killed

    I visited my great uncles grave this year in france and was shocked to read killed accidentally anyone know was this usual or not , especially for a major?
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    looking for a photo royal warwickshire regiment funeral

    Hello a long shot I know but could anybody help with regards a photo from my grandfathers funeral . here is a large paper clipping from his funeral .cheers in anticipation. obviously there were no family photos ,I thought some historian might know of any cheers , rupert
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    help with medal card

    i know there are plenty of people out there who can help me decipher this medal card of my grandfather , i can worl out the military cross but am stuck thereafter. plus if you can help do i have to pay to get ww11 info as he ended up a squadron leader in the r.a.f . thanks in anticipation
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    Royal Warwickshire 1/8 Battalion

    i am looking for any help regarding info about 1/8 battallion t.f. royal warwicks or my grandad lieutenant colonel philip henry whitehouse who was awarded the d.s.o. during the same action as w amery was awarded the v.c . in anticipation thanks.