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    Queens Hospital

    Am I right in thinking that the attached postcard of Queens Chapel was part of QE hospital before the new one was built, thankyou
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    Eureka Dairy

    Hi, am looking for information on Eureka Dairy, Victoria Road, Aston, possibly pre 1930, thank you in advance.
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    Has anybody got an “Adolphus Frankish” in there family tree please, roughly about 1922, thankyou!
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    White Hart

    Hi, am wondering if any of you have any information on The White Hart Inn, Main Street, Sparkbrook, I think I’m looking for information before 1930, after that period the family move to Wales, thankyou for any help!
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    Davenport House

    Does anyone please know where in Birmingham this house is situated, or is it not still standing. I believe it is somewhere along the Hagley Road and was built beforre 1799. Any help would be grateful thanks
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    George Burrows

    Could some one please do a look up for George Burrows....born about 1832 and died June 1894 Birmingham, in 1894 he was living at 4 house 4 court Bloomsbury St, Birmingham (taken from the wills), again I don't know if this Burrows is part of my family line, but by this time I have George's...
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    I wondered if someone could please help and find the parents of this person: Samuel Burrows b about 1826 he died Dec 1894 Birmingham, he married Dec 1847 Birmingham to Emma Griffiths. There is a possability that his parents are Joseph and Sarah and he was born Wednesbury, but that is only a...
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    please please

    You are all so good on here at fixing photos I wondered if you could help with this one please, I'm hopin I've attached it....thankyou
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    Bagley family

    I wonder if someone would be so kind and try and help me with this family, that seem to have disappeared of the face of the earth, perhaps they have done..... Here goes... William Bagley was born 1821 Hereford, he married Harriet Downer in 1846 in Hereford, they had 6 children from 1847-1860...
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    The wonders of nature

    I saw the most magnificant sight this morning in Meriden Park of the female swan carrying her sygnets to a shallower part, coming from the lake onto the river, it was wonderful, the parents so proud showing the brood of to the public......needless to say I did not have my camara with me, but...
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    Paupers Graves...Key Hill

    Could anybody please tell or advise where I could find a list of the people that were buried in pauper graves at Key Hill please. I am looking for 1960-1972. Also would this cemetery cover Buckingham Street, if not have you any idea what cemetery did cover that area, agin looking for paupers...
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    Bedford College, Moseley

    I wondered if anybody has any information on Bedford College, Moseley. In the 1930's it was a private school. Any info would be gratefully appreciated, and if someone has a photo that would be fantastic. This is the only information I have about the school. Thankyou in advance :)
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    Hobro family

    I'm interested in any information on Percy Tissot Hobro born 1907 Glamorgan, died 1967 Birmingham, married December 1955 to Elizabeth Gladys Burrows (widow) nee Jones. Thankyou in advance :)
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    1955 onwards

    Has anybody any access to a 1955 public house/hotel directory to do a lookup on a potential licensse. The name I am looking for is either Elizabeth Glayds Hobro or Percy Tissot Hobro, this is a long chance enquiry, I know that Elizabeth Gladys Hobro, nee Burrows, nee Jones was in the pub trade...
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    Thomas & Sarah Burrows

    Could someone be so kind and do a lookup 1891 & 1901 for Thomas & Sarah Burrows. Thomas Burrows was born 1826 Warwickshire, in 1881 they were living at 117 Booth Street, Handsworth....thankyou in advance :):)
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    Birmingham and districts pictures

    Take a look at this site, fantastic www.oldbirminghampictures.lefora.com
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    Outdoor, Orphange Road, Erdington

    Has anyone any information on the Outdoor, Orphanage Road, Erdington please :)
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    Baker Arthur of Buckingham St

    I am trying (in vain) to untangle a web, and I will appologise now for any cans of worms that may be unravelled. Arthur Baker is my husbands real father, we know that, he lived at Buckingham Street from 1952 - 1961, which is when we assume that he died, I found a death for an Arthur Baker in...
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    coalmining deaths reister

    Very good link www.cmhrc.co.uk
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    Frederick Stevenson

    Hi, I'm being very cheeky here and I'm going to ask if someone could do me a couple of lookups for the Leicestershire area. I understand if it can't be done. Frederick and Margaret Stevenson, 3 court E, Chappel Yald, Old Mill Lane, Leicester I'm interested in the children of this couple and...