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    Dares Brewery_belgrave Road_birmingham_1962

    my mom worked there we lived in HIck Street just up from there
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    St Patricks Highgate St School

    HI Mavis I do remember you at St Patricks school I remember Mr Pearce and Mrs Pugh also miss Dickinson I remember all those you mentioned and Audrey Brown I was in love with her,Brian Allen I think got a job at ATV studios as a camera man and Roy Buckley lived opposite our house also Joey...
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    St Patricks Highgate St School

    St Patricks was if your looking down Highgate from Hick St its two thirds the way down on the left hand side just before Upper Highgate Street . hope this helps
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    Oliver U Tallet garage

    anyone remember the Oliver U Tallet garage on Mosely Road
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    the wellington in hick street Balsall heath

    Still trying to find info of the above pub
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    The Camp

    Yes they were the best chip butties around made by Doreen Lucas her husband was Walter ( Wally )I worked behind the bar there the old chap who used collect glasses was called Kipper he used to sleep in the pub I have great memories being there the atmosphere was great I don't live in brum now we...
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    Lucas Branch Works 13 Small Heath (Butlers)

    Hi Nick the company which was part of Lucas was BUTLERS it was in Grange RD Small Heath I worked in the standards room my boss was Stan Lewis and Stan Powell ,I don't know if it still exists that's the best I can do for best regards Pete
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    Hi Taila in lived in Hick St and I knew a Barry Ansel don't know if you are related did know any other family members I do know he worked at a printers in tindal st hope this is of any value to
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    20 The Green , Kings Norton

    don't know that but the Saracens Head I know is on Stratford Rd Shirley
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    Wellington Inn Hick St Balsall Heath

    Info required please
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    Cinema Name - Balsall Heath Road

    Hi I think you will find it was called the Luxor
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    Alhambra Picture House

    the cinema on Mosely Rd after the Mosley was the Imperial on the corner of Clifton RD then you the Kingsway Kings Heath then finally you had the Maypole at Alcester Lanes End
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    Alhambra Picture House

    the bakery was called Hawleys not Wimbush hope this clears this up
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    A.T.V. at Aston Cross

    hi I am sure the group was the Jerry Allen trio with Lionel Ruben on drums
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    The Camp

    hi folks I worked at the Camp the managers were MR Walter ( Wally ) Lucas and his great wife Doreen who developed the then famous Chip Butties and almost all folks who came want one it had a great atmosphere which was enjoyed by all,yes I'm told its got new manager now and runs music nights keep...
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    St Patricks Highgate St School

    Hi Shaun I was at St Patricks during those years and remember Tommy Jones,also Tommy Smith ,Mavis Wilde,and I'm Roy Buckles surname was Buckley he lived up the same yard as me also Joey Higgins .Barry Chalke,i also remember Father Foyne he was still there when I left.i remember Mr Pierce,Miss...